10 Pokémon With The Most Wholesome Designs, Ranked

10 Pokémon With The Most Wholesome Designs, Ranked

The world of Pokémon includes multiple fearsome and intimidating creatures. Dragons, golems, wyverns, and beasts of myth and legend all inhabit the regions of the ever-growing Pokémon world. However, there’s more to the franchise than just terrifying monsters. A lot of these mons are very innocent and pure.

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Pink and cuddly, they look incapable of hurting a fly, although that may or may not be accurate. Some even represent wholesome concepts like kindness and selflessness. Among these virtuous creatures, some stand out as looking notably pure. These ‘mons not only represent wholesomeness, but they also look the part, providing some much-needed balance to the Pokémon world.

10 Uxie, Mesprit & Azelf

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in the Pokémon anime

The lake trio has one of the most intriguing and unique inspirations in Pokémon lore. They represent a crucial part of human consciousness: Uxie stands for knowledge, Mesprit for emotion, and Azelf for willpower.

Design-wise, they all seem to take inspiration from several fantasy beings. Their names each reference a particular creature, be it pixies, sprites, or elves. Their soft colors and delicate frames make them seem almost ethereal, and their gentle cries are sure to bring a pleasant warmth into the heart of everyone who listens. These three are among the purest Pokémon ever and appear only to those who are worthy.

9 Togepi

Togepi has a unique design among all Pokémon. It represents the idea of a baby hatching out of its egg, and what’s more innocent than a baby? Togepi needs constant protection, and it will hold on to the first being it sees after hatching, which is how Misty got hers in the anime.

Thanks to its small limbs and undeniably cute face, Togepi is the perfect representation of a newborn in the Pokémon world, perhaps more than any other baby Pokémon. However, contrary to its wholesome design, Togepi can be malicious, as shown in the anime.

8 Piplup

All Starter Pokémon are unique and somewhat cute. However, they’re not all innocent-looking. The Kanto Starters–Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle–look cool. Cyndaquill and Chikorita look shy, Totodile and Popplio display playfulness. Chimchar and Torchic appear gentle, while Sobble seems cowardly.

Piplup is the one Starter that looks innocent. It resembles a plush doll come to life, meaning that everyone wants to hug it. This small penguin looks tender but lively, and many players can’t help but melt at the mere sight of a happy Piplup.

7 Cresselia

Cresselia Pokemon

Cresselia is part of a Pokémon duo alongside Darkrai. She is one of the few Pokémon to have a defined gender and takes considerable inspiration from the moon. Her shape resembles a crescent moon, although there are also swan elements in play.

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Furthermore, Cresselia’s feminine attributes are prominent, delicate, and graceful. Her color palette of creamy pink, blue, and yellow, along with her high-pitched yet soothing cry, makes her seem loving, maternal even. In more ways than one, Cresselia is the Pokémon representation of the saying “everything will be alright.”

6 Teddiursa

Teddiursa Pokemon

There isn’t much to say about the criminally underrated Normal-type, Tediursa. It is literally a teddy bear come to life. Its round shape and diffident expression make it the very representation of wholesomeness.

Because it makes its own honey, Teddiursa constantly licks its paws, making it almost unbearably adorable. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also a bit of a crybaby, covering its mouth when it feels tears coming. Its cuteness eventually fades because it evolves into the outright terrifying Ursaring at level 30.

5 Cubchoo

Cubchoo Is The ESRB's Most Hated Pokemon

Cubchoo is one of the most adorable Pokémon ever, period. It has a perpetually runny nose and a face that seems more appropriate in a cradle than in the wild. In other words, Cubchoo looks like it needs someone to care for it, not quite a Trainer but a parent.

Even when it’s angry, Cubchoo can’t help but act innocent. It uses its mucus to attack those it dislikes, much like an infant would. Only a heartless trainer would put such a pure-looking creature to fight, especially because Ice isn’t the best type in Pokémon. Like Teddiursa, Cubchoo’s cuteness abandons it upon evolution, as it turns into the ferocious Beartic at level 37.

4 Audino

Audino in the Pokémon anime

Based on a combination of rabbits, nurses, and stethoscopes, Audino is the ultimate healer. Its mega evolution takes its innocence to the next level by turning it into the Pokémon version of an angel. Audino is purity come to life, a gentle and warm Pokémon that only wants to help.

Because of its natural healing instincts, Audino is Nurse Joy’s constant companion in Unova. Its bright blue eyes, sparkling with warmheartedness, and its ability to release pulses that decrease hostility, make it the ideal friend during a difficult situation.

3 Chansey

Chansey with a nurse hat on

And speaking of nurse Pokémon, perhaps none is more famous than Chansey, the Normal-type that should totally be a Fairy. This massive egg-shaped pink healer is the very representation of motherhood: caring, warm, and soothing.

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There aren’t many elements to Chansey’s design. It’s basically just a giant egg carrying a tinier egg in its pouch. Its stubby arms and legs make it slow to walk but increase its adorability considerably. Chansey projects comfort and affection, qualities that come in handy when working at hospitals.

2 Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff Singing

Jigglypuff is a textbook example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Should anyone see this pink, balloon-like Pokémon or heard its gentle and reassuring song, they would think it’s the softest and most innocent creature ever created. Indeed, its enormous blue eyes and cute, cat-like ears make it seem like a creature of pure kindness, cotton candy come to life.

However, and as any anime fan can testify, Jigglypuff is not innocent. At all. The pink fiend enjoyed playing pranks on others and took angry revenge at anyone who slept at the sound of its infamous chant.

1 Jirachi

Jirachi Pokemon

When it comes to wholesome Pokémon, no one beats Jirachi. This Mythical Pokémon is, quite literally, a wishing star. Jirachi sleeps for a thousand years and only wakes for seven days unless awoken by a voice of purity.

In fact, everything about Jirachi is related to wholesomeness. Its simple face–filled with affection and innocence–coupled with its star-shaped head make it unique, the Pokémon representation of hope and faith. Not many get the privilege of seeing this gentle creature, but those who do are changed forever.

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