2 Dead, 8 Injured Overnight In Downtown Minneapolis Shooting

2 Dead, 8 Injured Overnight In Downtown Minneapolis Shooting

Minneapolis (WCCO)-Mineapolis police are investigating early Saturday after two people were killed and eight were injured in a shooting in downtown Minneapolis.

Just before 2am on Saturday, police say the two began complaining in a crowd outside the nightclub at 300 blocks on North 1st Street in downtown Minneapolis. They pulled the weapon and started firing.

Police officers found a person lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. They found two dead on the scene. A total of 10 people were shot dead.

Preliminary research showed that everything was shot by adults. Five were men and five were women, but the two who died were both men. Another man is in serious condition and the other seven are injured without life-threatening.

“As we start getting more and more videos from downtown cameras and pole cameras that are off, we’ll be able to identify who the shooter is,” said Police Intelligence Secretary John Elder. .. ….

He added that seven murder investigators were called in to deal with the case and people were asked to leave the city center.

Details: “You kill them all”: North Minneapolis leaders advocate end-gun violence

It was a fierce night in the city as another person was killed in another shooting in North Minneapolis.

The incident occurred around 8:40 pm. Near 26 and Logan Avenue North. The first call was a car accident.

Police say the corresponding police officer found a man with multiple gunshot wounds in the car. He was taken to the North Memorial Medical Center in crisis, but died shortly thereafter.

Women in the camp suffered from medical problems unrelated to gun violence. She was a car driver.

Another bloody man reportedly headed for the northern monument. Currently no one is in custody.

Police reported three bullets overnight in Minneapolis at 1,300 blocks on Irving Avenue North, 5100 blocks on Dupont Avenue North, and 2,600 blocks on Lindale Avenue South. All three injuries are not considered life-threatening injuries.

“There was tragic news last night. Once again, our collective consciousness was shocked. Life was lost in the Northside and downtown,” said Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis.

“We can stop crime in our city, but we need to unite with new preventive efforts and common determination to stop gun violence and bring perpetrators to justice.” He added. Frey further said that both Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and Violence Prevention Director Sasha Cotton supported the need for the resources needed to solve the city’s gun violence problem. ..

“We must stop the blatant and meaningless acts of gun violence,” Aradondo added. “Minneapolis police officers will be in a hurry to do harm to save lives,” he also called on community leaders and residents to speak out and condemn the violence.

“There is no excuse for the reckless, irresponsible and criminal behavior seen in the warehouse district this morning,” said Steve Kramer, chairman of the Minneapolis Downtown Council. “In particular, we seek strong and clear leadership from the city council to bring Minneapolis back on track as a city that takes respectful actions for the prosperity of all.”

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With the rise of gun violence, the Minneapolis City Council calls it a public health crisis and is trying to stop it behind the scenes.

The Violence Prevention Department was established in late 2018 to support victims of violence and to fund programs aimed at stopping violence. One of the most visible ways is to “change violence.”

T.O.U.C.H’s support activities were part of an expanding city-wide pilot program consisting of community members seeking to mediate conflicts and prevent retaliation. The city says 6 teams

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