53 crew confirmed dead after sunken Indonesian submarine is found

53 crew confirmed dead after sunken Indonesian submarine is found

The Indonesian navy confirmed that all 53 crew members disappeared off the coast of Bali and the missing submarine sank.

The rescuers found parts of a torpedo straightener from the submarine, parts of a grease bottle believed to have been used to use oil on periscopes and prayer rugs, Margano said. The submarine disappeared after diving on the resort island on Wednesday.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that we Indonesians are deeply saddened by this tragedy, especially by the families of the submarine crew.

Authorities said the sub’s oxygen supply would be cut by Saturday morning. Indonesia had previously thought the submarine was missing.

Frank Owen, secretary of the Australian Submarine Institute, told the United States today that the discovery of what is used inside the submarine raises hopes that a ship could still operate.

Owen said that these items could only come from inside the submarine and you just open the bag and leave something, Ow means the hole was opened and once done, there is no chance of recovery.

An American rescue plane, a P-8 Poseidon, landed early Saturday morning, and 20 Indonesian ships, a gold-equipped Australian warship, and four Indonesian aircraft were ready to join the search.

The cause of the disappearance is still unclear. The Navy said that an electrical fault would not be able to carry out emergency procedures for the submarine to reappear.

The search focused on an area near the starting point of the last dive where an oil-powered find was found, but there is no evidence of an oil driver yet.

The Indonesian navy said the submarine disappeared on Wednesday morning, miles north of Balia, after a military exercise. Authorities said they believed the sub at that time was deeper than 2,000 feet, making rescue impossible. This is the depth that threatens to sink a ship.

Navy officials said the 44-year-old German-made submarine did not have an emergency docking collar that would allow it to connect to a rescue diver and allow the crew to exit safely.

The submarine pierced torpedoes when communication was cut off.

KRI Nangala 402 was one of five people operated by the Lower Indonesian Navy. It was created in 1977 by a German company Howldswerke-Deutsche Werft. Indonesia bought it in 1981.

The submarine entered service in 1981. It was a wine crab class ship built by the former West Germany during the Cold War. Argentina, Greece, India and Turkey, including the last fifty years has been used in more than a dozen sea rice.

Asia News Agency quoted analysts as saying that the half-century-old Indonesian sub-region highlighted the dangers of fragile military equipment.

Colin Koh, of the Defense and Strategic Studies Institute in Singapore, told the South China Morning Post that although submarine accidents can be attributed to human error and boat accidents, submarines disappeared in small pieces [due to growth]. Improper maintenance work done on the boat.

The lost submarine was last rebuilt in 2012.

Zachari Abuja, professor of Southeast Asian studies at the Washington-based National War College, told the South China Morning Post that hot waters around Indonesia could damage the country’s sub-fleet.

Due to the warmer waters, submarines do not have a very good track record of taking care of their ships in tropical waters and Indonesia over the past few years.

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