90 Day Fiancé: Angela Gets A Different Face After Weight Loss Surgery

90 Day Fiancé: Angela Gets A Different Face After Weight Loss Surgery

Amidst fans asking for her removal from TLC for abusing Michael, 90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela Deem recently got more procedures done on her face.

Amidst 90 Day Fiancé fans asking Angela Deem to be removed from TLC for her abusive behavior with Michael, the 55-year-old is busy getting a new face after her weight loss surgery success. After she married Michael in Nigeria, Angela got a gastric balloon and has lost over 100 pounds since August 2020. But the makeover came at a cost for Angela. She couldn’t get a facelift due to her smoking and found a way to blame it on Michael, whom she claimed wasn’t supportive. However, even divorce rumors aren’t stopping Angela from undergoing a new transformation, as the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star recently got a brand-new face.

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Episode nine of Happily Ever After was triggering for many TLC viewers, who witnessed 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela cross the line by hurling repeated abuses at Michael. As Angela decided to end her and Michael’s relationship, and created an uproar on the Internet for her predatory behavior, fans also held her accountable for her own bad actions. After all, Angela has smoked for 43 years, and also flirted shamelessly with her doctors on camera while accusing Michael of aggravating her abscess and cheating on her in Nigeria. But it appears that Angela is keeping herself busy and avoiding the 90 Day Fiancé criticism by getting more drastic makeovers instead.

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According to Radar, 90 Day Fiancé star Angela has now gotten lip fillers and Botox-like injections to spice up her look. The article notes that 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela, from Hazelhurst, Georgia, paid a visit to a doctor from Beverly Hills to “enhance a few of her facial features.” The meemaw got Revanesse Lips, an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler that will give her “plumper, more youthful lips.” Alongside that, Angela also received Xeomin injections on her forehead to get rid of the wrinkles there. An accompanying video showed Angela looking her thinnest yet with her wispy blonde hair in a high ponytail and a white tee, paired with several gold chains.

Hazelhurst Plastic Surgery Smoking Botox In 90 Day Fiance 2

The treatments appear to have taken place when 90 Day Fiancé cast member Angela was recently seen in Los Angeles, as pictures of her flirting with Dr. Kashani and partying with Dr. Obeng had surfaced. That was also the time fans noticed Angela still smoking, proving her hypnosis therapy as a failure. The behavior continued when she visited New York to film the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Tell-All as well. However, a week ago, TLC fans were merely fed up with Angela’s love for cigarettes, and now the resentment has gone deeper still.

You can’t be beautiful with how bad you treat people,” “You’re one of the ugliest people on the inside” and, “Beauty? Please!” are some of the comments from angered fans on Angela’s last social media update. Considering the mid-season trailer for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? showed Angela visiting her lawyer to discuss divorcing Michael, her makeover in the storyline may take a backseat. But it’s unclear if 90 Day Fiancé fans will enjoy seeing Angela get these multiple plastic surgery makeovers on social media, as they did before, considering they don’t even want to see her anymore on screen.

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Source: Radar, Angela Deem/Instagram

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