90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth’s Glamorous Look On TikTok Falls Flat

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth’s Glamorous Look On TikTok Falls Flat

Elizabeth’s TikTok outfit challenge left fans disappointed. Although fans liked her different dresses, they couldn’t ignore her lack of rhythm.

Elizabeth Potthast Castravet of 90 Day Fiance recently tried the viral TikTok trend of quickly changing outfits to the music, but her stunning looks left fans unimpressed. Earlier, 90 Day Fiance’s Geoffrey Paschel tried the touch it outfit challenge, and his video became a hit. The Knoxville, Tennessee resident didn’t just change his outfits, but also added a twist in the short clip. He flaunted the different roles he plays in his life, transitioning into a carpenter, gardener, and lumberjack.

Geoffrey also incorporated a chainsaw with his lumberjack attire, which impressed many 90 Day Fiance fans. It seems like viewers are already quite bored with Elizabeth and her husband Andrei Castravet’s story. They don’t want to see the couple anymore on the TV. Many 90 Day Fiance fans complained that the show’s producers are recycling the same old story with this couple. Andrei doesn’t get along with Elizabeth’s family, and it leads to intense family drama and physical fights. Although some fans still enjoy it, others desperately want a new storyline.

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Florida beauty Elizabeth (via @90dayfiancenow) tried to entertain her audience off-camera, but it didn’t go as planned. She tried the challenge and showed off her “weekly wardrobe changes.” As the music played in the background, Elizabeth transitioned into different glamourous attires. Although her dresses looked amazing, many 90 Day Fiance viewers pointed out that her outfit changes weren’t in sync. The whole point of this challenge is to quickly change outfits with music in one flow.

The mommy-of-one showed off five outfits, and her daughter Eleanor and two German shepherd dogs also made cameos in the short clip. Many fans loved Elizabeth’s red satin dress and gave compliments on her stunning makeup and hairstyle. However, others seemed disappointed. They left comments like, “I’d rather watch Big Ed dance to La Bamba for the 8,000th time,” “I just cringed to death,” and “OMG Libby give it up girl.” Some fans also found it funny that Elizabeth seemed to make these outfit changes in front of the main door of her house.

Just like Libby, another TLC star recently showed a new look after a shocking transformation. Avery Warner of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days posted an unrecognizable picture on Instagram, which looked drastically different from her appearance on the show. When a curious fan asked Avery about the sudden change in her physical appearance, she vaguely replied, “Just turned the clock back a bit.” Her reply and enhanced facial features convinced many 90 Day Fiance fans that she got some Botox injections to look younger and more attractive.

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