90 Day Fiancé: How Angela’s Hairstyles Have Changed Over The Years

90 Day Fiancé: How Angela’s Hairstyles Have Changed Over The Years

While 90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem is often criticized for her hair, she has sported a variety of different hairstyles over the years.

Star of 90 Day FiancéAngela Deem, is known for her blond hair now, but she actually sported a variety of different hairstyles and hair colors over the years. Angela first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 2 in 2018 with her Nigerian beau Michael Ilesanmi. At the time, Angela had shorter hair, though she still stuck to her signature hairstyle – a high, blond ponytail. She failed to impress many fans with her hair and overall style, but Michael loved her anyway.

The couple soon returned on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 3 in 2019. Angela had slightly longer hair this time, but she again styled her hair in a ponytail. Even though the couple had several arguments throughout the season, they ended up getting engaged. Angela applied for Michael’s K-1 visa, but it was rejected. So, she went to Nigeria and married the love of her life. After returning to the United States, she applied for Michael’s spousal visa, which is still being processed.

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Meanwhile, Angela decided to have two life-threatening weight loss surgeries in one day without her husband’s support. She has now lost over 100 pounds and is looking slimmer than ever. It seems like the weight loss has helped boost Angela’s confidence because she now feels and looks sexy. 

Dark & Permed Hair

Angela Deem Young Before After Weight Loss Photos In 90 Day Fiance 3

Angela didn’t always have blonde hair. A few months back, some of her high school pictures surfaced on social media, which showed her natural hair color. According to the sources, Michael’s wife went to high school in Florida. At the age of 15, the TLC star had dark hair and a short perm. The teenage version of Angela looked adorable while giving her innocent smile to the camera. Many fans loved her younger look and suggested Angela dye her hair a dark color now.

Blond Hair Extensions

Angela Deem-makeover-skinny-90 Day Fiance- Happily Ever After

Whenever the 55-year-old meemaw Angela hangs out with her friends, she likes to dress up and style her hair. Recently, she took a break from her signature ponytail look and flaunted long, blond hair extensions. The look was shocking for fans not only because her hair was significantly longer, but also because it was one of the only times Angela wore her hair completely down.

Pink Hair

After Angela’s massive weight loss, she was advised by many 90 Day Fiancé viewers to work on her hairstyle as well. For the longest time, the reality TV star didn’t take fans’ feedback. But then, she sported a pink wig while recording a Cameo message for one of her fans. It is difficult to pull off such eccentric hair color, but Angela looked pretty in her pink locks. However, it seems like Angela didn’t enjoy wearing her new wig because she was never spotted in the same hair again.

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Low, Sleek Ponytail

Angela Deem-weight-loss-90 Day Fiance

The low ponytail has to be Angela’s best look so far. Since Angela usually likes to keep her hair tied in a high ponytail, this look was unexpected yet glamorous. Angela looked stunning in minimal makeup and her plunging neckline top. She sported this look while recording a Cameo video for a fan. 

Straight Silky Blond Hair

Angela Deem Natasha Fett Weight Loss Hair Makeover In 90 Day Fiance

Angela was recently spotted in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. She posted a few pictures while having lunch with her friends, including Natasha Fett. In the photos, Angela showed off her new hairstyle. She didn’t color her hair, but let it hang loose around her face. Rather than looking fried and frizzy, Angela’s hair looked silky and smooth. She finished the look with a gorgeous tie-dye maxi dress. While many 90 Day Fiancé fans thought she looked great in straight hair, others said her natural hair badly needs a trim.

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