90 Day Fiance: Julia Shares Hangover Regrets After Wild Night In Russia

90 Day Fiance: Julia Shares Hangover Regrets After Wild Night In Russia

Julia Trubkina is no stranger to partying, but during her trip to Russia, her night-time antics translated into an epic hangover the next morning.

Julia Trubkina partied her heart out during her recent vacation, but the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed that she’s paying for it now with an epic hangover. Though she loves to flaunt her youth, full-blown hangovers are a sure sign of getting older. Julia has enjoyed her solo trip, even debuting a dark new hair color; however, despite her youthful energy and sense of adventure, age will inevitably catch up to her one day. Make no mistake, Julia is still a young woman, but she’s got a big girl hangover.

After spending over a year with her now-husband Brandon Gibbs in America, Julia has finally decided to “go Russia”—at least for a visit anyway. Brandon hasn’t joined her in Russia, but Julia seems to be having a great time without him. She’s been back in her home country for almost a month and has been traveling around visiting her parents and friends. She’s gone to a Russian bath house, ridden on horseback in the countryside, and of course, she’s been hitting the clubs.

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There are some fans who think Julia’s new makeover makes her look older, but it could just be that she’s maturing. On her Instagram Stories, Julia shared clips of her out at a dance club with some friends, and she definitely seems in her element shaking it to the techno music. However, she followed up her partying videos with a shot of her looking exhausted and regretful, captioned, “I will never drink again.” Julia has a mint-based drink and bowl of soup in front of her, so it appears that Julia’s hangover is significant.

As you get older, it’s not uncommon for hangovers to worsen and turn into full-blown anguish that makes you rue the day you first tasted alcohol. It’s possible that Julia has always had awful hangovers but has sudden-onset amnesia whenever shots are poured around her. However, it’s more likely that as she reaches the end of her 20s, the morning after a night of drinking is no joke. In the past, Julia was dragged for her lack of maturity, but now it seems her body is reminding Julia of her age before her mind has.

The 90 Day Fiancé star looks pretty unhappy in her hangover photo, so maybe Julia will learn a lesson from her post-party misery and think twice before she has that extra cocktail. Of course, Julia’s not old by any means, but her body may be maturing in ways that she didn’t expect. Julia seems to have a game plan when it comes to food and hydration after a night out, so then again, perhaps she’s no stranger to bad hangovers.

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Source: Julia Trubkina/Instagram

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