90 Day Fiance: Potthast Family Accused of Playing Out Scripted Drama

90 Day Fiance: Potthast Family Accused of Playing Out Scripted Drama

The Potthast family has angered many 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans. Now HEA viewers are accusing the family of manufacturing all of their drama.

Many members of the Potthast family have been called out for their 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? drama, but viewers are also criticizing their plotline for potentially being scripted. Libby and Andrei Castravet have found themselves at the center of Potthast family conflict that involves Libby’s siblings Becky, Charlie, and Jenn being suspicious of Andrei’s intentions with their father Chuck and his family house flipping business. While the drama never slows down onscreen, viewers are suspicious as to whether or not the family is faking their issues for attention. 

When it comes to their onscreen portrayal, the Potthast family is one of the most dramatic families in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. However, Libby and Andrei appear to get along with her siblings just fine on social media. This has caused viewers to accuse them of faking their drama to score their own family spin-off show like The Family Chantel. Libby’s sister Becky fueled these theories by recently alluding to the show being scripted. Becky referred to herself as a TV character on her social media and asked for people to stop attacking her for her appearances. Her reaction surprised viewers as many refused to give her a pass for her bad behavior since she appears on a reality show. Viewers are overall annoyed by the way the family has been apparently exaggerating their problems for attention.

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One viewer discussed Andrei and the Potthast family in a thread on Reddit. The user called out the Potthast family for humiliating Andrei over business concerns when he met the extended family for the first time. “I know it’s played for drama and crafted that way for television, but they make the dad seem like a doddering fool with no business sense that can be rolled at the drop of a hat,” the user observed. Commenters agreed that the Potthast plot line appeared cringe-worthy and inauthentic. “They bore the crap out of me. Out of everything on the show, their segments seem completely scripted. As if it’s a bunch of horrible actors rehearsing lines the night before. Seriously watch their interactions, stiff, poorly executed, non organic, emotions are over the top or completely wooden. Horrible. Just horrible,” one top commenter wrote. 

While viewers believed that there was some truth behind Charlie’s intense anger, many noted that the rest of the family interactions came across as extremely inauthentic. Many viewers have also been calling out claims from Chuck’s sister that he started his business from nothing. Chuck’s humble backstory has been slammed for disregarding his privilege since he received a loan from his father to launch his business. Viewers overall can’t understand why the Potthast family continues to appear on TV since their antics are hurting their image. “Just watching the family dynamics, all unnecessary, in front of the kids makes me want to never watch that show. There are older kids too and they can’t possibly be too proud of their parents,” another commenter observed. 

Unfortunately, Happily Ever After is unlikely to be the end of the Potthast family drama. Many viewers fear that the family spin-off show rumors could become a reality. However, some viewers are in favor of the show since it would mean that the family exits normal franchise content. Since many viewers have voiced that they fast forward through the Potthast family content on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, giving the family their own spin-off show would make it easier for viewers to avoid watching them. 

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