baseball player was expelled

A Cuban baseball player was expelled from the country’s national team

A Cuban baseball player was expelled from the country’s national team on Wednesday, the Cuban Baseball Federation said.

The 22-year-old infielder left the Cuban baseball team to take part in an Olympic qualifier while Prithvi was in Florida.

In a statement posted on their Spanish website, the Cuban Baseball Federation confirmed Prito’s decision.

His decision, contrary to the promise he made to his country and his team, has created rejection among his colleagues and other members of the delegation, who are willing to cut off foreign interests to be faithful to our country and mission. The statement said, with which he traveled to the tournament.

We believe that this kind of encouraging behavior identifies multiple attacks against our sport, which has been in the interests of traders and traffickers who have made it a priority to deactivate the agreement that the U.S. government sought to generalize. Inclusion of our players in MLB clubs.

Because of the tense relations between the United States and the Cuban governments, Cuban players are trying to reach the workers ’desert, which is commonplace.

Cienfuegos has led all players in the National Baseball Series with a batting average of .403 in most seasons. He made seven home runs in 74 games and 51 RBI.

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