A Quiet Place Part II Is Now Streaming On Paramount+

A Quiet Place Part II Is Now Streaming On Paramount+

A Quiet Place Part II has officially ended its theatrical exclusivity period and is now available for horror fans to stream on Paramount+.

A Quiet Place Part II has officially ended its theatrical exclusivity period and is now available for streaming on Paramount+. The horror sequel has been one of the most successful cinematic releases of the Covid-19 pandemic era and, as with all of Paramount’s recent and upcoming releases, enjoyed an exclusive theatrical premiere before any home video or streaming options became available. However, that waiting period is now over, and non-theater viewers can watch A Quiet Place Part II on Paramount+.

Different studios have adopted different policies on theatrical exclusivity since Covid-19 made mass cinematic viewing difficult. Warner Bros. opted to release all of its major 2021 movies on HBO Max streaming on the same day as their theatrical premieres – a decision that drew significant criticism from many figures within the film industry. Disney has adopted a more case-by-case strategy, with many films being made for streaming after premiering in theaters, but for an additional rental fee. When ViacomCBS launched Paramount+, the company claimed that all of its big-budget films would arrive on the streaming platform only after a significant run in cinemas.

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A Quiet Place Part II was one of the most anticipated releases of the past year, largely because, unlike films like Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow and Godzilla vs. Kong, it would only be available in theaters. Of course, many fans may not have been able to catch the Emily Blunt-led sequel on the big screen due to ongoing pandemic safety concerns. Now, those fans can catch A Quiet Place Part II streaming on Paramount+. Per an official announcement from ViacomCBS, the movie is currently available to all subscribers.

Quiet Place 2 Trailer Regan Hiding

Leading up to its release, many wondered if A Quiet Place Part II could live up to the impressive critical and commercial success of its predecessor. Fortunately, the answer ended up being a resounding yes. A Quiet Place Part II currently holds an impressive 91 percent certified fresh rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 93 percent rating among viewers. That audience will now expand significantly with the move to Paramount+.

The film’s streaming debut is also a relatively big deal for the streamer, which remains a new and largely unestablished platform in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Libraries of content from studios like Nickelodeon and franchises like Star Trek have built a firm foundation, but Paramount+ has yet to gain the kind of widespread attention that Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ have enjoyed of late. But for horror fans excited to watch A Quiet Place Part II, Paramount+ just got a lot more interesting.

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