A spring surge may be approaching, the CDC warns; AstraZeneca says shots are 9% effective; Spring Break Turns Miami Beach Over: Live COVID-19 Update

A spring surge may be approaching, the CDC warns; AstraZeneca says shots are 9% effective; Spring Break Turns Miami Beach Over: Live COVID-19 Update

As the rate of vaccination continues to increase across the country, it was reported that more than 3 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine were administered nationwide for the first time in a row.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a quarter of the total population of the United States and nearly a third of adults receive at least one dose.

However, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Warrensky cautioned that new case and hospitalization data shows increasing numbers in the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

“I think the apparent flattening of cases and hospitalizations after a steady decline from early January to late February is of great concern,” she said.

She said that if Americans continue to wear masks, stay socially distant, and don’t abide by other restrictions, they can increase.

Trust me, we all want to get back to our daily activities and spend time with our family, friends and loved ones, “she said.

Even in the news:

Kristy Kreme offers a sweet incentive to encourage vaccination. Ella donuts free until the end of 2021. Beginning Monday, consumers who present a valid COVID-19 vaccination card at locations across the country will receive a free original sparkling donut. Gifts are valid at all 369 crunchy cream stores in 41 states.

On Sunday, Florida became the first state to have more than 1,000 known cases of coronavirus variants. The United States reported another 834 atypical cases on Thursday alone, and currently has 6,638 known cases. According to CDC data, about 6,400 of them are of type B.1.1.7, the first to be discovered in the UK.

Students in California classrooms can sit 3 feet apart instead of 6 feet under new guidelines adopted by the state, following recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday.

I have seen one in four Americans in recent weeks blaming Asian Americans for the coronavirus epidemic. She discovered the new USA TODAY / Ipsos survey. A national poll was conducted Thursday and Friday following eight shootings in Georgia last week, six of which were of Asian descent.

📈 Today’s number: According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 29.8 million coronaviruses have been identified in the United States and more than 542,000 have died. World total: 123.2 million cases and 2.71 million deaths. According to the CDC, more than 156.7 million vaccines have been distributed and 124.4 million have been administered in the United States.

AstraZeneca said Monday that data from a US study advanced trial of vaccines shows it to be 79% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% effective in preventing serious illness and hospitalizations. He said that shows. The US study consisted of 30,000 volunteers, of whom 20,000 were vaccinated and the remainder received sham injections.

The researchers said there was no increased risk of blood clots. after which the European Medicines Agency declared the vaccine to be safe and effective.

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