Actor made a cultural statement at the Cesar Awards for the French Prime Minister

Actor made a cultural statement at the Cesar Awards for the French Prime Minister

Equivalent to the French Oscar, the announcement of the winners of this year’s Caesar Awards included a loud cry for the culture of the coronavirus era, an actor stripped naked on the movie stage and made a statement about continuing. The theater was released.

Corinne Machiavelli went on stage Friday night, wearing a tampon as a donkey suit and earrings, and won the Best Dress award.

“Is this too much rubbish?” Maciello asked a socially distant audience to reveal what the bloody dress looked like before opening the ass. “I’m the last person. I’m waiting.

Popular detective series comedian Capitalin Marlias, 57, took off his clothes and left a message on his body. Before that the term was “no culture, no future.” The message behind it is addressed to French Prime Minister Jean Cassack.

The audience applauded, but some social media commentators complained that the 4 accused were their obscene children at the 3rd Caesar Awards.
The #MeToo movement erupted at last year’s event, and the famous group Roman Polanski received the “Un Officer and Spy” Best Director award for the demonstrations of women’s groups and various incentives and strikes.

Polanski, who didn’t attend the event, was investigated within the us for many years after he was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He pleaded guilty to having illicit sex with a minor, but fled the United States. In 1975, he accused Polanski of raping her at the age of 18 in a Swiss chalet. Polanski has denied his claim.

Most of the political views published this year were about the revival of France’s dormant cultural scene. Part-time actors are currently occupying several more theaters in France, including the famous Odeon Theater in Paris, seeking more government support.

Prizes include the movie “Audience Less Cons” (“Bye Bye Morans”) and Mad Cap Adventure, Dead Hair Looking for a Child for a 15 Year Old, Best Film Award and Best TS Director Award. Received seven awards, including the award. For Albert Dupontel. Sami Boazilla won the Best Actor award for “Phils” (“Son”) and Lore Calami was nominated for Best Actress for “My Donkey, My Girlfriend and My”. It was.

Selected as the most promising actor for his performance in the character “Tout Simpiment Noir” (“Simply Black”), Jan-Pascal Jadi encouraged Samy through his thank you speech. Chosen as the most promising actress of “Miganon” (“Chutis”), 14-year-old Fateya Yuso told an aspiring young man to pursue her dreams.


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