Watch Aledo vs Crosby Live: Online TV Guide, Start time

Watch Aledo vs Crosby Live: Online TV Guide, Start time

Historically, the Texas UIL 5A Division 2 Championship High School Football game between Aledo Bearcats and Crosby Cougars does not match. Aledo has won the state title for the third consecutive year, ranking 4th in 5 years, 9th in 2012, and 10th overall. Crosby is aiming for the No. 1 championship.

But games for high school football titles are not a historical lesson. Especially in Texas. The game wins on the field, and by all signs this should be a great round trip success.

Match Info.

start time: 1 p.m. ET Friday
Where: AT&T Stadium (Arlington)
TV Channel: NFHS Network

For some reason, the real “us” have found a way to survive this busy and unprecedented season. There was always a concern that the season would be delayed or never ended.

But here it is. In the last week of the 21-week season, the last four games are here.

Then, in this space, change the preview style. Instead of looking at previews of both teams, dig deeper into the DFW team from a local angle. We’ll start when Aledo collides with Crosby in the 5A Division II State Championship.

Aledo, the twelfth time in school history, the second highest in state history, is playing for the state title, his tenth appearance since 2009, and only in 2012.

It’s pretty urgent.

Ironically, there is consensus that this year is the end of Aledo’s state career, even though this is not Aledo’s strongest team and is close to the top of his DII state rankings at 5A throughout the year. did. ..

Instead, Aledo is now aiming for the 10th state championship, a state record.

How ALEDO got here

For Aledo, it has been about attacks since the playoffs began. In the regular season, Aledo scored an average of 44 points per game, but he had a bit of a hard time finding the identity of the attack. Sometimes he seemed unstoppable (seeing a 70-point explosion to open the season against his rival Westford), and sometimes he had a hard time getting the ball back to the playmaker (with Cedar Hill) See 17-point battle in).

However, a playoff then took place, and Aledo relied heavily on the game being played during this run, activating it aggressively. His aggressive production increased by 11 points per game as he scored over 45 points in all five playoff games.

It does not mean that there was no fight in the playoffs. Defense faced a difficult time against Lovejoy, who was previously undefeated in the 5A Division II Region II final. It took a 24-point fourth quarter and a heroic effort to drive DeMarco Roberts back to extend the season.

Why ALEDO Wins

In an era of air strikes, runs, and shoots that run the ball, Aledo must continue to use the attacks that run towards Jojoar with Roberts and Jethead and throw them into space to play.

The formula works in the playoffs and is a more capable pass game than the Liberty Hill that Crosby faced last week, which should be more than enough for Aledo to win tenth place.

Why ALEDO loses

It’s too cute to be late. Aledo doesn’t have the glare of last year that he can’t go to this very often. Crosby enjoys the role of Underdog during the playoffs and aims to do it again. Taking a light Crosby is also fatal.

The Lovejoy game could have refocused on Aledo as it was able to dominate Rider last week. You can’t lose that focus and want to win just for your name.

Match preview

Aledo aims to win his record 10 state title, this time with the Crosby team playing in the first state title game since 1960, when Bearcats was a Class 1A school. I am aiming to achieve it.

Aledo, who was frightened in the regional final against Lovejoy last week, defeated Wichita Falls Rider (55-28) last week and had no such problems.

Alabama WR JoJo’s commitment didn’t look like 100% because he touched the ball only four times, but managed 80 yards and a touchdown. As a result, Bearcats stood behind their big line of attack, and Lamar RB engaged DeMarco Roberts. DeMarco Barts rushed 155 yards and four touchdowns at night.

Crosby must survive a spectacular semi-final showdown when Cougar makes a two-point conversion stop in the second half to overtake slot T offense 62-61, which is acclaimed as Liberty Hill in overtime thrillers. did not.

Quarterback Denikes Dan doesn’t have a 100% bad ankle yet, but looks much healthier last week, throwing 213 yards and three touchdowns, adding a 72-yard rush and touchdown. I did. Reggie Branch has added 119 yards of rush and 4 touchdowns, 83 receive yards and 1 touchdown.

Crosby’s defenses seemed to be comparable to Liberty Hill’s attacks, at least from the beginning. But when Liberty Hill finished the game with a 693 yard attack, they were torn in the last three quarters.

Crosby will join the game as an underdog, but he knocks out four consecutive teams in the final Top 10 of the 5A-Division II, so he throws everything and puts a kitchen sink in a powerful aledo. Place. Unfortunately, Aledo’s huge and tough line of attack, combined with his defensive front seven, dominates him from start to finish.


Aledo needs to get his tenth state title, but not without a great deal of effort from Crosby. DeMarco Roberts has another great game that will probably bring back an aggressive MVP to lead his team to another “chip”.

The defense is late enough to help Aledo escape.

Aledo wins 44-31

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