American Horror Stories: Drive In Cast & Character Guide

American Horror Stories: Drive In Cast & Character Guide

American Horror Stories season 1, episode 3, “Drive In,” centers on a brand new story that features a different set of characters and actors.

The third episode of American Horror Stories, “Drive In,” features a brand new set of cast and characters from the premiere episode, “Rubber (Wo)man.” The American Horror Story spin-off series changes the horror storyline each episode instead of each season, though it still connects to some of the original series’ plots. The anthology season’s seven confirmed episodes take horror fans back through a series of supernatural myths, lore, and terrifying legends.

The premiere two-part episode of American Horror Stories, “Rubber (Wo)man,” took audiences back to Murder House, sans anticipated Tassia Farmiga and Evan Peters cameos, suggesting more familiar AHS locations will be revisited. The episode marked the return of American Horror Story’s recurring sinister Rubber Man, albeit taken on by a new teenage girl. While the next episode doesn’t take place there, Ryan Murphy has teased the season 1 finale will involve a significant showdown at Murder House.

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American Horror Stories’ third episode, “Drive In,” involves a drive-in theater’s screening of a forbidden, cursed movie, Rabbit Rabbit, which leads to dangerous consequences for its attendees after the movie’s legend becomes real. The episode features a diverse cast of Ryan Murphy project returners and AHS newbies, so here’s a breakdown of the new actors and characters in “Drive In.”

Madison Bailey As Kelley

The teen protagonist, Kelley, is portrayed by Madison Bailey. Kelley is Chad’s girlfriend who goes with him to see Rabbit Rabbit on their six-month anniversary date. The breakout star is best known for her role as Kiara on Netflix’s Outer Banks and Wendy on Black Lightning, much different roles from the deeply sinister events in American Horror Stories.

Rhenzy Feliz As Chad

Chad is one of American Horror Stories’ “Drive In” protagonists who takes his girlfriend, Kelley, to see Rabbit Rabbit as a ploy to lose his virginity. He is played by Rhenzy Feliz, whose acting credits include Alex Wilder on Runaways and Aaron on Teen Wolf.

Adrienne Barbeau As Verna

Verna, the managing employee at the drive-in theater who runs the projector, is played by Adrienne Barbeau. The veteran actress is best known for her scream roles in several John Carpenter horror movies and the character Carol Traynor on Maude.

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Naomi Grossman As Rabid Ruth

The mysterious movie protester who survived the 1986 Rabbit Rabbit massacre, Rabid Ruth, is played by Naomi Grossman. She is best-known for playing Pepper in AHS: Asylum and Freak Show, and Samantha Crowe in AHS: Apocalypse.

John Carroll Lynch As Larry Bitterman

Larry Bitterman, the controversial director of Rabbit Rabbit, is portrayed by veteran actor John Carroll Lynch. “Drive In” isn’t Lynch’s first AHS rodeo; he also played John Wayne Gacy in Hotel, Mr. Jingles in 1984, and Twisty the Clown in Freak Show and Cult. Lynch has also starred in movies like Zodiac and The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Drive In Supporting Cast & Characters

Amy Grabow as Tipper Gore: The representative who is physically attacked by Larry Bitterman after banning his movie. The soap opera actress is known for portraying Rachel Adair on General Hospital.

Ben J. Pierce as Dee: Kelley’s best friend who is interested in Milo. Pierce is a popular YouTuber who previously played Mylo on Love, Victor, and Casey on Fuller House season 4.

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Leonardo Cecchi as Milo: One of Chad’s beanie-wearing friends who is interested in Dee. Before American Horror Stories, Cecchi played Alex on the Italian series Alex & Co.

Kyle Red Silverman as Quinn: Chad’s bucket-hat-wearing friend who watches Rabbit Rabbit alone in his car. Silverman previously played Young Rip on Yellowstone and Ethan Dawson on Grey’s Anatomy.

Catherine Adell as Lanie: Bitterman’s Rabbit Rabbit editor who was the first affected victim. Adell’s filmography includes performing in assorted bits on Conan.

Brandon Papo as Tillis: The young employee at American Horror Stories‘ titular drive-in. Papo had several roles on the series Solve and a minor role on 9-1-1.

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