Among Us Teases Next Big Update With Weird Bean Animation

Among Us Teases Next Big Update With Weird Bean Animation

Innersloth has announced a big update on the horizon with a picture of the Spacebean, a cute new Among Us meme that’s already picking up online.

The crew behind Among Us has become well known for the weird and ridiculous posts across their social media, and their latest update announcement featuring the “Spacebean” is no deviation. Despite being released back in 2018, it wasn’t too long ago when Among Us exploded in population due to its cute and simple characters and endlessly replayable whodunit experience. For a long stretch of time, the game dominated the Steam charts along with the front pages of Twitch and YouTube, and while the numbers have somewhat dropped the game is still going strong to this day.

The developers behind Among Us, Innersloth, had the honor of winning two awards in The Game Awards 2020, taking home both Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer. It was at this award show that the next big update with a brand new map, Airship, was announced, which brought player and stream counts back up after its release in March of 2021. Several updates later and Among Us is still popular not only as a game but as a huge meme generator among both the creators and fans.

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A new post was made to the official Among Us Twitter page on July 21 that features an announcement for the next big update accompanied by an animated gif of a “Spacebean,” poking fun at the shape of the iconic crewmates. The Among Us crew continues to embrace and even fuel the photoshopping frenzy with this new addition to the lineup of quality memes.

As seen from the image above, this adorable little bean has made its way onto Twitter to take the platform by storm. The replies in this Tweet are already overflowing with Photoshops starring this cute new crewmate, from Xbox pasting it over The Child to GlobalGameJam‘s photo of Jeff Bezos holding it in his hand. Currently, there is no information about the “cool stuff” coming in the next big update or whether Spacebean is a hint at a part of it, but more details should be coming soon.

Innersloth continues on Among Us‘s streak of internet fame after its well-deserved explosion in popularity. The developers have positioned themselves as both relatable and casual with their social media presence, an approach that suits the game and its fans well. The constant stream of memes combined with frequent updates for Among Us is what has kept this Werewolf-esque party game at the forefront of games media.

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Among Us is available now for iOS, Android, Switch, and PC.

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