An inside look at the exhausted Black community in Minneapolis

An inside look at the exhausted Black community in Minneapolis

We spent several weeks with the black community in Minneapolis before the trial and conviction of the former police officer accused of murdering George Floyd. We built relationships, took photos and videos of injured, frustrated and motivated residents. All of this is linked to a shared legacy of trauma.

As black journalists, we were often surprised. We were amazed by the activism of the Bona community near George Floyd Square. We are amazed at the progress the community has made in such a short time. We were surprised how long we stayed in this country to achieve equality. Finally, when we realized the existence of the community, we were surprised and wanted to make sure their stories were broad.

Minneapolis’ black community is connected through a common generation of trauma and a history of police violence. Before the trial began, they listed 24 allegations of recovery.

“Grounds of the Ground” refers to this week’s trial history and examines the consequences of the judiciary being forced to determine the guilt or innocence of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Our time here reveals what needs to be done to end this massacre and what it means to black Americans who are tired of this reality.

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