An unprecedented storm struck 25 states, killing at least four people and killing 150 million under winter warnings. 4.3M without power in Texas

An unprecedented storm struck 25 states, killing at least four people and killing 150 million under winter warnings. 4.3M without power in Texas

Officials said a tornado broke out in Brunswick County, North Carolina, after midnight on Tuesday, trapping some residents, missing them, and damaging their homes.

According to the service, more than 150 million people in 25 states receive heavy snow warnings, heavy snow warnings, or heavy snow warnings, spanning more than 2,000 miles from southern Texas to northern Maine.

The storm was predicted to continue to cover parts of the Midwest and northeast with heavy snow until Tuesday morning, after which it would recede later in the day.

The record-breaking cold was accompanied by a storm across the central United States on Monday. According to the Meteorological Department, hundreds of record low temperatures will be broken or destroyed every day during this protracted “polar fall.” There is also a record of low temperatures in February, and it is always in danger.

According to the NWS, another storm is expected to cover the snowy plains on Tuesday night before icy rain falls from eastern Texas to southwestern Tennessee.

According to the Capital Weather Gang, more than 50 million people could be below freezing in the next few days.

Winter weather has been accused of killing at least four people in three states.

A 10-year-old boy died after falling into a frozen pond in Tennessee on Sunday, according to fire officials. His six-year-old sister was rescued by an adult on the scene after stepping into an ice-covered pond where two children were not frozen enough to support their weight.

The Louisiana Department of Health reported on Monday that a 50-year-old Lafayette parish man slipped on ice and hit his head against the ground.

Also on Monday, two people were killed in separate crashes in Kentucky. One on Interstate 64 and the other on I-75, Secretary of Transportation Jim Gray said in the afternoon.

Do not take these roads. According to Gray, these roads are currently very dangerous and dangerous.

The Louisiana highway was just as dangerous. Governor John Bel Edwards was moderately to seriously injured at a press conference on Monday night as state police engaged in more than 150 road accidents, creating a dangerous situation with a mixture of snow, sleet and glaze rain. Said he was liable.

According to the utility tracking site, Monday’s power outages were widespread, leaving more than 5 million people incapacitated. By 11:15 pm in Texas, nearly 4.3 million customers were in the dark. Local time.

The rotary power outage was initiated by the Texas Electrical Reliability Council (ERCOT) on Monday. This meant that thousands of people remained out of power for a short period of time when the temperature dropped in their teens near Dallas and Houston.

Power companies in Kansas and Missouri also implemented rolling blackouts on Monday in response to overwhelming electricity demand in the harsh cold.

Due to bad weather, the country’s largest oil refinery was closed.

Matt Barble, in Las Corinas, a suburb of Dallas, told The Dallas Morning News that his power had diminished several times on Monday morning. The second time came out around 3:30 am. I didn’t come back by 7am.

The inside of the house is starting to get very cold, Barble told the newspaper. I’ve lived north for a long time, but when I lived in New York, Ohio, and Illinois, this was never the case.

Houston, which reached 70 degrees Celsius last Tuesday, posted measurements to teens on Monday morning, advising residents to prepare for the same dangerous roads they experienced after a Category 5 hurricane. I urged the authorities to do so.

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