Animal Crossing’s Black Market: Which Villagers Are Worth The Most (& Why)

Animal Crossing’s Black Market: Which Villagers Are Worth The Most (& Why)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes numerous villagers that can be found and invited to a player’s island, but villagers can also be purchased.

Selecting villagers for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons community can be a daunting task. New Horizons boasts 397 villagers to choose between and each has different charms and setbacks for fans to weigh before inviting them home. While most Animal Crossing villagers are found at random during gameplay, the fan-made website Nookazon allows players to skip the search and purchase their favorite villager with in-game currency. While this can be a great way to speed up the customization of a town’s population, some of the more popular characters can come at a steep cost.

Currently in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can have up to ten villagers living in their island town at any given time. These villagers aren’t permanent, occasionally choosing to pack up and move on to new adventures. Because of this, it is possible to sample a large variety of villagers available in New Horizons, keeping daily interactions with the community fresh and interesting. To obtain these villagers in traditional gameplay, players can purchase a Nook Miles ticket and travel to a random Mystery Island. If the player has an open spot on their island, there is a possibility for a villager to randomly spawn. There is no guarantee which Animal Crossing villager might pop up, however, which can be frustrating to those searching for a specific character.

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To help get around the tedious search, the website Nookazon offers Animal Crossing: New Horizons players the ability to purchase villagers from other players. To use this service, players can search the available options under the Villager tab, select the desired character, and purchase the ability to invite the villager from another player at the cost of in-game currency or items. While some characters like Rocco the hippo or Al the Gorilla cost 50,000 Bells or less, popular Animal Crossing characters like Raymond the cat can go for millions of Bells, requiring players to save up to get the villagers they want.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Exclusive Villagers Are Expensive

Animal Crossing Judy

According to Nookazon, there are currently five Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers selling for 2 million Bells or more. This includes Raymond for 5 Million, Judy for 3 million, and Marshall, Ankah, and Lucky for 2 million. Raymond and Judy were introduced in New Horizons, and have remained extremely popular with fans since the game’s release for their cute aesthetics and difficulty to obtain. Because of this, it doesn’t seem likely their prices on Nookazon will drop in the near future.

While nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo, the addition of new Animal Crossing: New Horizons exclusive villagers in future content updates could be a way to knock some of the more expensive villagers into a more affordable price range. Adding new villagers would also be a way to help freshen up gameplay for those who have already achieved an Animal Crossing: New Horizons community filled with popular or sought-after characters, encouraging fans to shake up town dynamics with new choices.

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Source: Nookazon

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