Arrow Writer’s Last Flight Out Launches in September

Arrow Writer’s Last Flight Out Launches in September

Popular Arrowverse writer and producer Marc Guggenheim will be launching into a new universe this fall with the release of a new comic miniseries.

Outside of the vast solar system of comics and beyond the bright, shining light of the comic book firmament that is Marvel and DC, is a galaxy full of creative and serious, playful and chaotic comic books, and few publishers are leading this more than Dark Horse. Popular Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim is returning to comics by stepping away from the familiarity of superheroes and into the wide uncertainty of space with Last Flight Out.

In late June, Dark Horse Comics announced the upcoming release of Last Flight Out to be released in September 2021. The story will be published in six parts and will be written by Guggenheim, illustrated by Eduardo Ferigato with colors done by Marcelo Costa. The comic deals with big, classic themes like family, parents, and children set against a rather grim, apocalyptic backdrop of a world about to be abandoned, which should leave plenty of room for the creators to play.

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According to Dark Horse Last Flight Out, promises readers a glimpse into a not-so-distant future of an Earth that has become no longer sustainable, resulting in nations scrambling to leave Earth for the stars. The designer of the “arks” that will save humanity is set to leave on the last one, but, with just 24 hours until launch, he discovers his daughter is missing. With the clock ticking, the designer must go in search of his estranged child and bring her back before their ride launches into space without them.

Last Flight out Cover 1

In Dark Horse’s announcement regarding this “epic and yet very intimate story”, Guggenheim states that the story has been “burning a hole in [his] notebook for several years now.” With promises like that, it’s hard to imagine that Last Flight Out will be anything short of exciting and engaging.

No other details or preview images have been released by Dark Horse, leaving questions about character names and settings up in the air and fans eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of a preview image or panels. With big names like Guggenheim attached, it makes sense why Dark Horse would keep things close to the chest to build anticipation for their new property. Until September, however, it’s likely that the publisher will keep things under wraps, or perhaps release a few tantalizing tastes of story as the release date draws closer.

Guggenheim, Ferigato, and Costa have all cut their teeth in comic books before, with Guggenheim writing largely for X-Men outside of the Arrowverse, and Ferigato and Costa having plenty of experience creating bright, dynamic comic art. Their newest creation for Dark HorseLast Flight Out, is set to hit shelves on September 1st.

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