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Aubrey Plaza’s new children’s book, The Legend of the Christmas Witch, will be launched in October

Aubrey Plaza has a story she wanted to tell: about Santa’s twin sister.
Recreation deal with Viking Children’s Books for The Legend of the Christmas. Viking announced Wednesday that Plaza has been working on the book with her creative partner Dan Murphy and illustrator Julia Iredale.

The legend of the Christmas witch, in which Santa’s brother Kristtörn seeks some understanding, is set for October 12.
This is a story that Dan and I have been working on for a while, and we can’t wait to introduce readers to such a fierce, independent and quirky character as Kristtörn this holiday season, Plaza said in a statement.

Besides her book launch, Plaza has been kept busy. In 2020, she played a filmmaker on Black Bear and an ex-girlfriend who will come between the Harper and Abby couple in the Hulu Christmas movie Happiest Season, sex Christmas romantic comedy produced by major studio.
Late Show with Stephen Colbert in December to promote Happiest Season and revealed that COVID 19 influenced the production.
COVID-19 was on our set, Kristen got sick.
We didn’t know, Plaza said, noting that she didn’t get sick during filming. Many people got sick. It was the last week of February. It was that area where people started talking about the coronavirus, but people laughed a touch , nobody understood how serious it had been .

She also called a conversation with one among the transportation crew members when she left the set for the airport.
I said transport guys: Do you think I should be concerned about the appearance of this virus? What’s wrong with this? she said. And he said, He’s already there. He’s been in Pittsburgh for a long time. And she was right.

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