Covid-19: Australian Open fans have criticized the proliferation of vaccines

Covid-19: Australian Open fans have criticized the proliferation of vaccines

The Australian Deputy Prime Minister has condemned the horrific behavior of some fans of the Australian Open tennis final who have spoken out against the introduction of the Cobid-19 vaccine.

During an awards ceremony after the men’s final, a tennis official described the global vaccination effort as a symbol of optimism.

Australia started its national vaccination activities on Monday.

In some cities, protests have been made over the weekend against vaccination.

Men’s number one Novak Djokovic won the final on Sunday against the Russian Daniel Medvedev.

Djokovic has been criticized in the past for his casual approach to virus-related restrictions, and his comments on the vaccine led to an investigation last year.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack criticized the protests on Monday.

I don’t like cheering at every event and of course at every sporting event, he told reporters in Canberra.

This vaccine will return our country to pre-covid normalcy.

Australia started the first phase of its vaccine program on Monday. Frontline, health and isolation workers are lining up to receive the first dose of 60,000 Pfizer vaccines this week.

While there is widespread support for the vaccine locally, it has sparked protests. On Saturday, small crowds of anti-vaccination protesters marched in cities like Melbourne and Sydney to protest the rollout.

In Melbourne, where the Australian Open was being held, tennis Australia chief Jane Hardlica thanked the authorities and the public also mentioned the Victorian state government.

Last week, the government ordered a five-day lockdown for Victorian residents for fear of an outbreak. The tennis event was allowed to continue and the virus did not spread.

The vaccine is not mandatory in Australia, but it is strongly encouraged by health authorities. Australia’s target is four million people in early March – nearly one in the population. To tap the sixth person.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was one of the first to receive his job on Sunday, airing the show in an attempt to boost national confidence.

Official surveys show that nearly two-thirds of Australians say they should be vaccinated, although more than a quarter are unsure.

Australia received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine last week and approved AstraZeneca Jab.

Both have undergone extensive security checks and are already used in several countries.

Critics have suggested a relative slowdown in the vaccine rollout in Australia – compared to other Western countries – which could explain a recent rise in people who are uncertain about adoption.

The government has defended the slow rollout by saying it wants all components to be fully approved by regulators, and the slow transmission speed means that emergency supplies are not warranted.

As of Monday, there are 40 active cases in Australia, most of which are part of the hotel’s quarantine program. The nation recorded about 29,000 cases and 909 deaths during the epidemic – far fewer than many other countries.

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