Bachelor: Nick Viall & Girlfriend Natalie Joy Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary

Bachelor: Nick Viall & Girlfriend Natalie Joy Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary

Nick Viall and girlfriend Natalie Joy are still going strong after one full year(ish). What loving words did the couple share on their anniversary?

Though some fans of The Bachelor doubted Nick Viall would ever find his person, the former lead has spent a full year with his current girlfriend Natalie Joy, and things seem to be going great. Nick almost lost Natalie early on in their relationship due to some initial indecision, but in a recent series of lovey-dovey anniversary posts on Instagram, it seems the couple has what it takes to make this a lasting love.

Nick has been on just about every Bachelor Nation show there is, and unfortunately for him, none of the relationships he developed in the franchise worked out. The former Bachelor hosts a podcast where he doles out relationship advice, but for a while, it seemed his own love life wasn’t going so well. However, about a year ago, Nick met Natalie Joy and the two of them have grown closer by the day. The couple proved they are going strong with a trip to Hawaii, and Nick has been introducing Natalie to his friends as well.

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Recently, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary, and their Instagram posts show just how much they care for each other. “Celebrating 1 year ish, by visiting the hotel where it all started. Thankful for every moment I have with you @nnataliejjoy,” Nick wrote. Though they’ve been dating for a year, Nick and Natalie only went Instagram official in January. It seems Natalie appreciates Nick’s willingness to commit. In her own post, she said, “This has been the best year of my life, and it’s because of you.” Nick replied, “Right back at you.

Nick and Natalie are showing all the signs of being in a relationship that can go the distance. The couple has been traveling together and slowly intertwining their lives. Nick and Natalie even got a new puppy together. If that doesn’t indicate a serious relationship, what does? During his time in Bachelor Nation, Nick has been through a lot of ups and downs, and it now seems he could see himself spending the rest of his life with Natalie. Many fans would be glad to see Nick finally settle down and find love.

Though his time on The Bachelor wasn’t fruitful, Nick’s many failed relationships may have helped him to get where he is now. After a lot of trial and error, Nick has discovered what works and what doesn’t, and it has also given him the opportunity to appreciate the relationship he has with Natalie even more. The couple seems to be enamored with each other, and many fans are rooting for their relationship to succeed.

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Source: Nick Viall/Instagram, Natalie Joy/Instagram

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