Bachelorette: Katie Gets Reflective on IG Amid Greg’s Gaslighting Drama

Bachelorette: Katie Gets Reflective on IG Amid Greg’s Gaslighting Drama

The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, appears to be reflective on social media. This comes amidst drama surrounding former suitor, Greg Grippo.

Bachelorette Katie Thurston appears to be feeling reflective as of late, judging by her social media activity. Katie is winding down her season 17 run after becoming a fan favorite on Matt James’ turn as The Bachelor. She quickly became known for bringing a vibrator with her on night one of The Bachelor, branding her as sex-positive, and for standing up against the bullies of the house. Notably, she stood up to the “Queen” of the mansion, Victoria Larson, and was never afraid to speak up for herself or others. This refreshing behavior cemented her as the current lead of the franchise.

Greg was also able to capture fans’ hearts the moment he stepped out of the limo to meet Katie for the first time. He gifted her a “specialty necklace” made of macaroni, courtesy of his niece, and told her about his family. This was enough to earn him the first impression rose, the one thing that signals you’re here to stay until the next rose ceremony. Greg has been a frontrunner since then, which makes it all the more shocking that the New Jersey native is now caught up in a serious turn of events.

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On a recent episode of The Bachelorette, Greg ended things with Katie after confessing that he was in love with her. When Katie responded with “I just love looking at you,” he stated that he wanted something more from her, not just a promise to his family that he’d be receiving a rose. “I’ve never given up on you. I’ve fought so hard for you here… As much as it hurts me, I’ve reached my breaking point with this. I gave you everything. I really hope you find something,” Greg said. Katie explained that she wanted to save the word “love” for her fiancé, but that wasn’t enough to get Greg to stay. This prompted some of Bachelor Nation to defend Katie, while others called Greg out for being manipulative and gaslighting her. Katie reflected on all the drama via Instagram, where she posted a slideshow of herself in a white dress holding a papaya. “In darkness came the moon. Surrounded by glitter from above. The frogs and crickets sang. Rejoicing them and their love,Katie captioned the post.

She also responded to a fan asking where the quote was from, saying she’s the one who wrote it. Along with the photo, Katie took to her Instagram Story to share a post about gaslighting, what it is and how to identify it. With Greg gone, Katie’s now down to her two final men, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze, who she’ll have to choose between on the finale.

While Katie has seemingly defended herself via social media, Greg has yet to comment. Katie has a history of being outspoken and standing up for herself, so it’s not surprising that she would be the first one to speak out about the incident. The Bachelorette is known for having the “most dramatic season ever” every season, but hopefully, more serious accusations like gaslighting will be avoided in future seasons. Until then, fans will just have to wait to see who Katie ultimately ends up with.

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