Batman’s New Partner is Better Than Robin Ever Was

Batman’s New Partner is Better Than Robin Ever Was

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman, the Dark Knight and Ghost-Maker pull off an epic stunt that proves the strength of their partnership.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman #110 ahead!

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman, the Dark Knight proves his trust in Ghost-Maker, proving that their partnership rivals any partnership he’s had with his Robins. While they were once friends while training to become vigilantes, Batman and Ghost-Maker were estranged for years over a difference in motivation. However, recent issues have seen them burying the hatchet and working together in Gotham City. Furthermore, because they’re so equally matched and skilled (having been taught by the same teachers), they’re able to achieve stunts and tactics that are incredibly epic and coordinated, and that’s amazingly evident in this new issue.

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Batman #110 comes from writer James Tynion IV and artist Jorge Jimenez and sets up Scarecrow’s Fear State event that’s about to begin. His ally Simon Saint has been making dangerous strides with his Magistrate program, taking advantage of the sheer levels of fear and anxiety Gotham has been steeped in. Recent years have seen the city entrenched in one major crisis and war after another, so much so that Scarecrow has managed to terrify Gotham at the mere mention of his name and a few straw dummies, and thus far he hasn’t even used a drop of his fear toxin. However, Batman and Ghost-Maker are certainly redefining the term “Dynamic Duo” as they work to prevent the Magistrate from causing a war with the Unsanity Collective in this new issue.

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While the Dark Knight battles Simon Saint’s new operative known as Peacekeeper-01, it’s clear that his advanced cybernetics and strength have Batman on the ropes, creating the need for a strategic retreat. However, PK-01 crushes Batman’s grappling gun, leaving him trapped high above where they are brawling at the top of Saint Industries. Forced to be creative, Batman throws several bombs all over and then sets them to blow at precise times, creating a message in morse code with the explosions for Ghost-Maker to see, who has just arrived in his jet. Understanding perfectly, Ghost-Maker gets into position and Batman then puts his life in his hands, trusting him completely to help him pull off an intensely coordinated stunt that could kill them both if either of them gets it even the slightest bit wrong.


Remarkably, both vigilantes survive, and one has to wonder if it was a stunt Batman would have been able to achieve with one of his Robins (maybe Nightwing). In any case, the levels of coordination and trust on display show just how effective of a partnership Batman and Ghost-Maker have. It makes sense seeing as how they are both equally skilled, having been trained by the same mentors in their youth.

As the Fear State arrives for Gotham City, it’s going to be interesting to see what role Ghost-Maker plays when the stakes are raised. While they do work well together (clearly), the biggest difference between the two vigilantes is their motivations. While Batman seeks justice as a vigilante out of a desire for vengeance and to honor his parents’ deaths, Ghost-Maker does what he does purely for the art of vigilantism itself. With that being the case, what happens when Ghost-Maker believes they’re fighting a losing battle? Will he abandon Batman and Gotham to its fate, or will he fight for something bigger than himself and continue their epic partnership when Batman may need his help the most?

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