Battlefield 2042 Lets You Strap Explosives To Your Robot Dog

Battlefield 2042 Lets You Strap Explosives To Your Robot Dog

A robot dog named Ranger can be summoned in Battlefield 2042, and it’s been confirmed as compatible with Battlefield players’ favorite pastime.

Battlefield 2042 is attempting to make the expansive combat of the series even larger. It’s increased lobby capacity and gigantic maps will bring some unprecedented scale, but 2042 is also introducing new gadgets to the mix in order expand players’ options. One that was prominently shown in the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer was a robot mimicking the shape of a dog. The robot dog is known as Ranger, and is now confirmed to be compatible with a favorite Battlefield pastime: strapping explosives to things.

Even the reveal trailer and the subsequent gameplay showcase at E3 have reveled in the chaotic nature of what it is like to play a Battlefield game. These promotional materials have shown a soldier in a wing suit flying through a tornado, an ATV laden with explosives driven off a roof into a helicopter, and even cinematically recreated the iconic RendeZook. These are all a good sign that developer DICE are aware of why many people enjoy the series, and now they’ve acknowledged that the slapstick antics involving the aforementioned ATV is possible with Ranger as well.

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Battlefield 2042‘s publisher, EA, has posted some more details on the game’s gameplay, addressing some common question fielded after the reveal trailer. Some more information is revealed about Ranger the robot dog, and how it will be utilized in game. In a show of foresight into the minds of the players, EA’s briefing says, “yes, [players] can place a C5 Explosive on Ranger and send them into an enemy squad.

How The Robot Dog Works In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042's Ranger Robot

To compensate for Battlefield 2042‘s large maps, a new gameplay mechanic has been introduced which is being referred to as a “call-in system.” This will let players summon a vehicle to their position, in case they need more firepower, or simply want to cover a great distance quickly. Each team will have a call-in budget, and individual players will have a cool down after using the system to avoid the map becoming overrun with vehicles.

This same call-in system is used to summon Ranger. Instead of a vehicle, the not-so-adorable robot companion can be dropped onto the battlefield. After Ranger is at a players side, there will be a handful of commands that can be issued to it. Ranger can be told to scout a location, attack specific enemies, return to the player’s side and protect them, or even self-destruct.

Ranger will still incur the cool down on the call-in system, but the robot is an enticing alternative to summoning one of Battlefield‘s many vehicles, especially when pinned down in a close quarters scenario. Players also won’t have to worry about games devolving into a robotic hellscape, since there will be “a limitation on the amount of Rangers available at any given time.” As exciting as it would be to see, a game with 128 robot dogs rigged to explode roaming the map simultaneously would not bode well for gameplay balance in Battlefield 2042.

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Source: EA

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