Battlefield 2042 Studio DICE LA Changes Name, Reveals New Project

Battlefield 2042 Studio DICE LA Changes Name, Reveals New Project

DICE LA, a support studio who has assisted on development of the upcoming Battlefield 2042, has been rebranded as Ripple Effect Studios.

DICE LA, the studio behind upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 2042is being renamed Ripple Effect Studios and is working on an unannounced new title. The support studio is a part of DICE, the company responsible for the development of series such as Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront. DICE LA was first opened in 2013.

DICE and publisher EA recently announced Battlefield 2042, the next installment in the long-running first-person shooter series which will adopt a near-future setting. The upcoming title looks to be the biggest Battlefield game yet, with huge maps supporting games of up to 128 players at a time. Artificial intelligence will also allow computer-controlled soldiers to take up these spots, meaning that a single player can battle up to 127 enemy soldiers without accessing multiplayer. DICE has given fans a detailed look at one of Battlefield 2042‘s maps, Hourglass, which features dynamic weather systems which affect the flow of combat. Hourglass will frequently suffer from tornados and sandstorms, which players must avoid lest they be thrown across the map or blinded by violent sand.

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A report from IGN reveals that DICE LA, a former DICE support studio, has been rebranded as Ripple Effect Studios. The rebranding has apparently been planned for more than a year, and the studio’s new name was chosen after a studio-wide vote. IGN also confirms that Ripple Effect Studios will begin development of a currently unannounced project which will release after Battlefield 2042. In the mean time the developer will continue assisting with Battlefield 2042, with the team reportedly leading the development of a brand-new and currently unrevealed game mode.

Outside of bigger and better maps, Battlefield 2042 will feature a host of new features thanks to the support of multiple studios such as Ripple Effect. The game is rumored to feature the Battlefield Hub, which is a central location which will apparently combine assets from several past installments in the series. For example, vehicles from two different games in the series can face each other in combat through the use of the Battlefield Hub. Many have compared this rumored feature to the Halo series’ Forge system, which allows players to build and customize their own combat arena and game mode. Other leaks suggest that Battlefield 2042 will feature Hazard Zone, a new game mode which has players drop into an area and attempt to scavenge for loot.

DICE has had a number of successful releases in the last few years, with games like Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront II receiving significant praise from critics and fans. While DICE LA has only operated as a support studio in the past, this rebranding is an exciting step towards the developer establishing its own identity. With a mysterious new game in the works, fans should keep an eye on the newly reborn Ripple Effect Studios.

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Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: IGN, IGN/Twitter

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