Battlefield 2042 Technical Test’s PC Requirements Revealed

Battlefield 2042 Technical Test’s PC Requirements Revealed

Battlefield 2042’s specs for the upcoming technical test have been revealed and it’s not quite as demanding as one may expect from a DICE game.

The minimum and recommended specs for the upcoming Battlefield 2042 tech test have been revealed, which should give some kind of an indicator to how demanding the full game will be. This tech test will be the first chance players have to get their hands on Battlefield 2042 before launch, but it certainly won’t be the last either as a beta is planned for sometime in September.

Invites for the Battlefield 2042 technical test have already gone out, but it won’t be as exciting as a more traditional beta test or even the Halo Infinite tech test. For starters, EA has made users sign an NDA about what’s in the tech test. DICE has also stated that it will likely be a grey box test, meaning the maps aren’t textured, and it’s really just testing the core gameplay mechanics and some other technical elements. That said, on some level, it still represents the scale of the game.

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With that said, prominent insider Tom Henderson revealed the minimum and recommended specs for the Battlefield 2042 tech test. The specs are actually fairly respectable and should allow many PC gamers the ability to play the game with at least somewhat decent settings without breaking the bank. It remains to be seen just how comparable these specs will be to the full game, but fans will likely get a better idea of that closer to release. Given Halo Infinite‘s tech test was gauging things like how the game ran on various hardware configurations, it’s possible DICE will also use some of this data to help optimize the game a bit more before launch.

The September beta test for Battlefield 2042 will likely feature more accurate specs for the full game, as it’ll feature a closer representation of the game with fully textured maps and possibly more features as well. It’ll also be a fully public test, so DICE will likely want to show the game in the best possible quality as opposed to possibly having a less polished version in an NDA-protected test.

Given the intensity of Battlefield games, it’s hard to say how well the game will perform on the minimum specs. There’s no way to tell exactly what settings the game will run at on minimum or recommended specs, but hopefully, the latter is at least 1080p/60FPS at the bare minimum. Nonetheless, Battlefield 2042 is expected to be quite the technical showcase, so those looking for the most optimal experience will want to possibly upgrade their PC before October.

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Source: Tom Henderson/Twitter

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