Bellator 280 ‘Bader vs. Kongo 2’ Play-by-Play, Results & Round Scoring

Bellator 280 coverage kicks off at 1 p.m. ET.

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2021 PFL Heavyweight Champion Cappelozza scores first-round TKO over Austin

Welterweights kick off festivities, as Verchere (5-1) collides with a fellow Bellator debutant in Camara (4-1) at 170 pounds. Mike Beltran serves as your referee. The two men tap gloves, as they ease their feet in to their respective accelerators. Verchere staggers Camara with a left hook, then another, and establishes his superiority on the feet early. Despite his five-inch reach advantage, Camara fails to manage distance. Verchere mixes in leg kicks and overhand rights to keep his countryman off-balance. Camara backs Verchere to the fence with left hook-right cross combinations and starts to gain a foothold in the match. In an instant, Camara throws out a left hook and sends a straight right crashing into his counterpart’s face. Verchere collapses to the canvas in a dazed state and eats more punches, prompting Beltran to act on his behalf.

Victor de Lima Vechere def. Bourara Camara—KO (Punches) 3:06 R1
They keep the line moving in the middleweight division, where the unbeaten Ouabbas (2-0) takes on Duclos (2-1). Bryan Miner officiates. Duclos operates behind an active jab and leg kicks. Duclos drops his adversary with a crackling right and swarms for a potential finish, though his initial efforts fall short. Ouabbas returns to an upright position and tries to avoid further damage while he clears the proverbial cobwebs. Duclos shuts down a weak single-leg attempt and continues to fire punches upstairs, keeping Ouabbas in retreat mode. Duclos cuts off another attempted takedown, settles briefly in the clinch and moves back into open space. Another right hand snaps back Ouabbas’ head. Duclos follows up with a partially blocked head kick, walks through return fire and stalks his prey to the fence. An overhand right from Ouabbas suddenly alters the direction of the bout and sets Duclos on wobbly legs. He fires back and backs up Ouabbas but never recovers. More punches find their mark, leading Miner to call for the standing stoppage.

Youcef Ouabbas def. Matthieu Letho Duclos—TKO (Punches) 4:17 R1
Women’s flyweights are next to the stage, as Bertaud (3-3) squares off with Sadura (5-4). Beltran steps back in the cage as our referee. Bertaud sets the tone with a left hook inside the first 10 seconds. Sadura leans heavily on kicks, just as one would expect from a taekwondo practitioner. She switches gears and swoops in for a surprising takedown. Bertaud defends with rubber guard and initially neutralizes her Polish counterpart. She stalls the action and forces Beltran to restart the action on the feet. Bertaud closes the distance, clinches along the fence, then separates. Bertaud executes a takedown of her own and looks to navigate Sadura’s long-legged guard. Sadura wall walks back to her feet without much effort but struggles to free herself from Bertaud’s clutches. Bertaud pins her to the fence, throws in a knee to the body and returns to her corner after a closely contested round. 10-9 Bertaud

Caution marks the start of the second round. Sadura probes from the outside with her kicks and scrambles out of a takedown attempt as the two women once again clinch against the fence. Bertaud works behind close-quarter knee strikes to the body and tries to make her opponent uncomfortable as the action slows. Sadura cannot get off the fence and continues to absorb knees to the body and legs. Points add up, and frustration builds for Sadura. Bertaud completes another takedown and wheels around to the back but fails to corral Sadura on the canvas. Back to the clinch they go. Bertaud stays busy enough to avoid a restart and seizes control of the fight. 10-9 Bertaud.

Sadura moves to the center with a sense of urgency, perhaps knowing she is likely behind on the scorecards. However, she engages Bertaud in the clinch and once again winds up with her back to the fence. Sadura sneaks in a trip takedown, settles in top position and goes to work, only to be cut off by Bertaud’s defensive guard. Sadura mixes in a few short hammerfists but cannot find an avenue to do real damage. Valuable time ticks off the clock. Bertaud threatens with an armbar, and though the submission fails to materialize, her efforts gave Sadura something to think about. Bertaud escapes to her feet and moves out into open space, where she lets her hands go and lands a solid combination. Sadura closes the distance and winds up back in the clinch, unable to offer any potential fight-stopping offense as precious seconds bleed away. The bell sounds. 10-9 Sadura (29-28 Bertaud)

Lucie Bertaud def. Katarzyna Sadura—Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Lightweights now answer the call to arms, as Landu (16-9) takes aim at Hughes (10-2) at 155 pounds. Miner climbs back into to the cage for his second assignment of the night. Landu takes to the air with an acrobatic switch kick, but eats a counter from the Englishman and moves out of range. Hughes controls the center of the cage and pressures Landu backward, doing what he can to negate the Frenchman’s reach advantage. Landu punctuates a flurry with a pair of right hooks and welcomes the standup exchanges. Hughes wisely closes the distance to force a clinch but concedes a takedown. He utilizes an effective whizzer to get back to his feet, only to absorb a series of brutal knees to the body. Landu creates some space at close range and folds Hughes with a kick to the abdomen. Miner arrives on the scene seconds later to precent further damage.

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