Below Deck: Lexi Wilson’s IG Bio Sparks Rumors She May Leave Show

Below Deck: Lexi Wilson’s IG Bio Sparks Rumors She May Leave Show

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Lexi Wilson’s Instagram bio has dropped a major hint. It looks like she may have recently made a big career change.

Lexi Wilson, the newest second stew on Below Deck Mediterranean, has an Instagram bio that has led some to believe she may be leaving the show. To fans, it looks like Lexi is trying to drop a major hint, especially after her altercation with the chef.

Fans have only just been introduced to Lexi on Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean, but she has already made a lasting impression. The second stew grew up in the Bahamas and went to the U.S. for university on a Track and Field scholarship. Lexi was the first to brag about her time as a former Miss Bahamas and even went to the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. Since the loss of the crown, she has thrown herself into yachting. It has been noted by herself and her fans that Lexi is not great at following the chain of command and has already rubbed two key workers the wrong way.

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Lexi is screaming from the rooftops via her Instagram profile where she has written that she loves to travel, deal in fashion, and skincare but is “#NOLONGERINTHEYACHTINGINDUSTRY.” Bravo viewers last saw her during Monday’s episode as she chowed down on lamb meant for the guests, stepped in a pile of dirt, and infuriated Chef Mathew. Lexi has admitted on more than one occasion that she will flirt with almost anyone to make her life easier, but maybe her tactic didn’t work this time.

With nearly 4,000 Instagram followers, it doesn’t feel that Lexi has made an impression on Bravo Nation. The second stew has yet to promote anything about Below Deck Mediterranean or her time on the show and may be trying her hand at becoming the next big influencer. Lexi last posted a snap from two weeks about that just featured some flowers. Her departure wouldn’t surprise fans as she has called her mother often complaining about work life.

While her Instagram is filled with gorgeous scenery snaps, the rest of her co-workers have all been sharing their life on board the ship and often post media from the show. At one point, Lexi’s comments were totally disabled, but they look to be up and running once again, though not many fans have gone out of their way to interject their opinion. To many Below Deck fans, it almost feels like Lexi performed a hard reset on her social media life and isn’t looking back.

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9pm EST on Bravo.

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