Bennett: Iran ‘regime of executioners’ can’t get the bomb

The results of Iran’s presidential election show the world must act to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at the opening of his government’s first Sunday cabinet meeting.

Ebrahim Raisi, a judge responsible for tens of thousands of executions and who is under US sanctions for human-rights abuses, was elected president of Iran on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the final meeting of the sixth round of indirect talks between Washington and Tehran over a return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal took place in Vienna on Sunday.
“Raisi’s election as president of Iran is a signal to world powers that they need to wake up, Bennett said. “This may be the last signal a moment before returning to the Iran deal. They must understand who they’re doing business with and what kind of regime they are choosing to strengthen.
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“A regime of executioners cannot have weapons of mass destruction, he said.
US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, when asked on ABC’s This Week about Bennett’s comments, that “what we need to do in the US is keep our eye on the ball and that is, our paramount priority right now, is to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”


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