Biden and DeSantis spar again on masks in schools

After a back-and-forth spat in the media earlier this month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Biden are at odds again.

What’s happening: Biden is again threatening to take action against governors like DeSantis who are limiting coronavirus precautions in the classroom — and DeSantis is retorting by attacking Biden’s global decisions.

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In a memorandum this week, Biden indirectly mentioned DeSantis as one of the officials who “threatened to impose personal financial consequences on school officials who are working tirelessly to put student health and safety first.”

Under the memo, the Department of Education could potentially start investigations if state policies are suspected to be violating students’ civil rights by prohibiting masks.

The other side: At the opening of a monoclonal antibody therapy clinic in Pasco County yesterday DeSantis criticized Biden’s “lack of leadership,” and went after him on Afghanistan, per Florida Politics.

“We have Americans that are just being hung out to dry in Afghanistan. We’ve got billions of dollars of military equipment that’s just basically being gifted to terrorist groups. Things that the taxpayers paid for. Things that our men and women used.”

He also brought up inflation, gas prices and, once again, immigrants crossing the Mexican border.

The bottom line: Expect this to be a constant refrain over the next few years. Biden is likely to find his administration in a near-constant battle with DeSantis — as he eyes to take on the president in 2024.

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