Biden commits to cutting U.S. emissions in half by 2030 as part of Paris climate pact

Biden commits to cutting U.S. emissions in half by 2030 as part of Paris climate pact

The United States aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by half by 2030 as part of a new commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, President Joe Biden announced Thursday.

Biden made the promise during a two-day virtual climate summit attended by dozens of world leaders on Thursday morning, calling it a nationally determined contribution. Biden rejoined the 2015 climate accord in February, in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the global alliance to curb carbon emissions.

In a White House statement, Biden said the measures “would put the United States on the path to a net zero-emissions economy by 2050.” But the truth is that the United States accounts for less than 50 percent of global emissions. No nation can solve this crisis on its own, because I know that everyone understands it perfectly.

The president noted that scientists say the decision to address the current crisis will be acceptable.

In this decade we must make decisions that can avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis, added Biden, adding that we cannot resign ourselves in the future. We have to act on it, and this summit is the first step on the journey we are on together.

Greenhouse gas emissions from heat in the United States plummeted last year, but this was unusual given the coronavirus epidemic, which has slowed much of the economy. Emissions are expected to rise again as the country returns, and the Biden administration hopes the United States will find ways to achieve more ambitious goals that scientists say are necessary to avoid the worst effects of global warming.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ki, said Thursday that Biden’s agenda for the Virtual Climate Summit is to encourage his country to extend its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement to set more ambitious goals. ”

Commenting on the Senate floor, he said: “The problem, of course, is that our colleagues must remember that the empty promises made by the countries that returned in 2015 do not entail any serious means of implementation.”

However, many signatories to the alleged agreement have largely ignored their stated commitments and have continued to expand with reckless abandon. The Biden administration’s climate envoy John Kerry once lamented that most countries weren’t getting the job and didn’t live in Paris, the last quote. China, for example, has only continued to broadcast more and has done it blatantly. ”

The Biden administration’s environmental team and climate scientists were under intense pressure to commit to reducing emissions by at least 50 percent compared to 2005 levels. It is deemed necessary to cut global emissions in half by 2030 if the United States wants to achieve its goals of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The most ambitious US emissions reduction goal in a timely manner, Biden’s promise to cut the expected 50 percent to 52 percent, could still face criticism from environmental groups who say the

The European Union, for example, has promised a reduction of at least 55 percent by 2030, and the United States has promised a reduction of 7 percent by 2030 and a total of 786 percent by 2035.

The United States is pushing the world’s largest sender, all of whom were invited to the summit, to be equally ambitious. But since Trump abandoned the Paris Agreement, other countries have been closely monitoring US moves to see if Washington will support its difficult negotiations with the movement and if that move will be politically sustainable.

Speaking at the summit, the first world leader, Chinese President Xi Jinping, reaffirmed that his country aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and said that it will continue to work to improve carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. Committed is not a new commitment, but seen as ambitious for China, the world’s largest carbon emitter. However, China’s goals lag behind those of other developed countries.

Several heads of state have called on the country to accelerate its ambitions to cut emissions.

French President Emmanuel Macron says “we have to act faster to implement the promise of 2030.” Basically, 2030 is the new 2050.

In his speech at the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a state speech on Wednesday that his goal was to significantly limit the amount of net emissions to Russia.

“The fate of our entire planet, the development potential of each country, the well-being of the people and the quality of life largely depend on the success of these efforts,” Putin said of international efforts to tackle climate change.

He said that compared to 1990, Russia had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions much more than many other countries, from 3.1 billion tons of CO2 to 1.6 billion tons.

Putin said that it is not enough to talk about the amount of new emissions, countries must deal with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, adding that Russia makes “a huge contribution” to global emissions, both its own and third parties. to the absorption capacity of the ecosystem.

He also called for reducing methane emissions, saying that each ton produces between 25 and 28 times more greenhouse effect than a ton of CO2.

Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro, who has been harshly criticized for managing the Amazon rainforest, vowed to clear the country of illegal forests by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2000.

Bolsonaro’s comments on Thursday departed from his earlier position on climate change. While campaigning for the presidency in 2018, Bolsonaro said that, like Trump, he would resign from the Paris Agreement and often criticized the country’s forests for considering additional policing.

Many leaders praised the United States for rejoining the Paris Agreement, citing differences in Biden’s approach to climate change compared to its predecessor. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has called each other a complete change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Biden’s promises send an important message, UK Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is glad the US is working with us again on climate policy. The international community.

During the Virtual Summit, Biden also announced a new international climate finance plan that he said would present an integrated way to finance the global response. He argued that the initiative would encourage the private sector to contribute to climate change, both in developing countries and in the United States.

Good ideas and good intentions aren’t good enough, Biden said. We need to ensure that both the public and private sectors are funded to face the moment of climate change and help us seize the opportunity for better jobs, a stronger economy, and a safer world.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen submitted the administration’s request for ২ 1.2 billion in green climate funds and $ 485 million for multilateral climate initiatives. She added that her department is focusing on ways to consolidate private investment to create a green global economy.

Biden administration officials told reporters in a briefing before the announcement that the United States would also consider an adjustment to the carbon border, more commonly known as a carbon tariff, where the United States would tax imports from countries that do not. they control emissions in a similar way. Although the idea of ​​an office of the United States Trade Representative under Biden has already been publicized, other members of the administration, including climate envoy John Kerry, have warned against it.

The United States’ previous commitment to the Paris Agreement, established by President Barack Obama before Trump removed the United States from the agreement, was reduced by 266 percent by 2025. As part of the Paris Agreement, which is not legally binding, countries must regularly update their commitments to the 2030 target before the UN climate conference in Scotland in November.

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