Biden says he is ready to take further action if Russia continues to fight the United States

Biden says he is ready to take further action if Russia continues to fight the United States

President Joe Biden addressed his administration on Thursday, imposing harsh sanctions on Russia, which aims to justify the abuse in Moscow and is expected to give Moscow a wiki.

If Russia continues to intervene in our democracy, I am ready to take further steps to respond, Biden from the White House said it is my responsibility to do so as President of the United States.

I made it clear that we could go further with President Putin, but I chose not to do so, I chose to be proportionate, with regard to regulation, Biden added that he does not want to break the cycle of expansion and conflict with Russia. .

Biden also said he offered Putin a phone call where the two could discuss various pressures to meet face to face in Europe this summer.

The Biden administration has imposed a series of sanctions to name 32 Russian individuals and legal entities, five individuals and three legal entities in Ukraine linked to the illegal annexation of Crimea, and six technology agencies to influence the 2020 US presidency to support Russia’s intelligence service. selection. .

The State Department also announced the expulsion of 10 officials from the Russian embassy in Washington.

Russia has long denied concerns about US elections, human rights violations, cybersecurity, and US forces in Afghanistan.

Last month, the Biden administration imposed its first sanctions on Russia over the alleged poisoning and the subsequent arrest of Putin critic Alexei Navalny.

Navalny, one of the chief critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin, flew from Berlin to Russia last August, where he spent nearly half a year recovering from a nerve agent. He was arrested under passport control and later sentenced to more than two years in prison. The United States called for his immediate release.

Russia has described the White House’s latest move as a blow to bilateral relations and is determined to take swift retaliatory measures. The Kremlin also accused the United States of weakening diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow.

A senior official from the Biden administration, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the move had a negative impact on the Russian economy.

The official explained that when you remove American investors from the primary market, this results in a wider cooling effect. What you see is that the cost of borrowing from Russia is rising, there are capital planes here, and you can see the money weakening. And you know, it has an effect on Russia’s growth rate and also on Russia’s rate of inflation.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Silvanov described the new sanctions as a missed opportunity for US banks and investors, adding that Russia wants the state to be high. Shiluyanov added that the ministry will closely monitor the market situation.

Russia’s central bank also said on Thursday that it is watching the market carefully and is ready to use its disposable tools to maintain financial stability.

The sanctions package came after a meeting Tuesday between Biden and Putin, the second of the two leaders since he took office as Democratic president in January. Biden later described the call as “innocent and respectful”.

In this call, Biden suggested holding a summit somewhere outside the United States and Russia to discuss all the problems facing countries.

The Kremlin said later on Tuesday that Biden has proposed to consider the possibility of holding a special conference in the near future.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior administration official said that Biden notified Putin of his decision to impose the ban.

Administrative officials refused to speculate about possible retaliatory measures Moscow would take to impose stricter sanctions.

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