Biden to Meet with Immigration

Biden to Meet with Immigration Advisers Amid Migrant Surge

WASHINGTON U.S. President Joe Biden met Wednesday with immigration advisers and top cabinet officials to find ways to tackle the growing influx of Central American immigrants across the U.S. southwestern border into Mexico. ..

Biden recently came under increasing pressure from both Republican critics and congressional Democratic colleagues to respond to the influx of immigrants from Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in North America.

Biden called on migrants to stay at home, but thousands of people walked hundreds of kilometers to reach the border. Mr Biden said on Tuesday that he needed to make further statements on the issue soon and that he could face serious immigration issues at the president’s first official press conference on Thursday.

When Biden took office two months ago, he spoke of preventing further construction of former President Donald Trump’s protected border wall and making migrants more humane. Biden told immigrants not to do dangerous trekking in the United States, but many immigrants traveled with his policy shift under the notion that they would be allowed to stay if they entered the United States. I consider this an invitation to do so.

The U.S. policy is currently to expel single adults and families to Mexico, but will take care of more than 500 children who arrive daily. After processing in crowded facilities, they will be sent with relatives already living in the United States or kept with supervised people who have agreed to take care of them.

Beadon will send White House staffers with a parliamentary delegation to visit the Resettlement Center for Refugees in Cariso Springs, Texas on Wednesday, and will allow limited media coverage of the visit …

Earlier, the Biden administration refused to allow press journalists to enter the immigration detention center. In a photo taken last week by Democrat Henry Querre of Texas, the situation of the crowd and the children were just lying on the floor in a thin cushion covered with a thin blanket.

Trump has sharply criticized similar scenes. He responded by ordering the children to be sent back to Mexico without being allowed to stay in the United States.

At the White House, Biden is in talks with the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services. Both have been tasked with managing the flow of migrants across the U.S.-Southwest and the Mexican border.

Biden administration officials have blamed the Trump administration for most of the unrest and said they broke the asylum system that allowed immigrants to apply to enter the United States and stay forever.

Vice President Kamala Harris said on a “CBS The Morning” show, “I’m doing what I really need to do to rebuild the system … I’m working on it. But it will take time. What’s the cause of frustration? Frustrated? Yes.

He said he needs to address the root causes of migration to the north in recent years, mainly poverty, crime and the destruction of homes by hurricanes.

Immigrant children are held in border detention centers for more than 722 hours, which is permitted under U.S. law, and they often arrive in the United States before being handed over to health and welfare authorities for final reunion with relatives. This will be forwarded to another caretaker.

The government turned to a Texas convention center to accommodate the unborn children and evacuated them to a Texas military base on Tuesday.

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