Biden visits Texas as state history survives winter storm

Biden visits Texas as state history survives winter storm

President Joe Biden visited Houston on Friday due to the damage caused by the recent Texas storm from the historic winter storms, the president’s first visit as president since the natural disaster.

Biden met with state and local officials about rescue efforts at the Harris County Emergency Operations Center in Houston, and he and his wife Jill Biden praised the volunteers for holding the hell of an expedition before visiting a local food bank.

Earlier this month, a winter storm stunned Texas and its surroundings, leaving millions without electricity, heat and water for days. Millions of Texans are advised to boil their drinking water, and many are facing food crises and rapidly rising electricity bills.

The storm in Texas eased when the Biden administration announced it was working to open three federally sponsored vaccination facilities in its state to quickly create a nationwide vaccine in competition with the new Covid-19 variant.

The storm delayed delivering several thousand doses to Texas, but Biden said Friday evening at a public vaccination facility at Houston’s NRG Stadium, the country is on track to exceed the 100 million shots target in the first 100 days on duty.

We’re still a few weeks ahead of the schedule on winter storm disasters. We’re heading in the right direction, said Biden, adding that he carries a card in his pocket that is updated with the number of shots updated every day, took office.

Shortly Biden said, a panel of Food and Drug Administration consultants voted to suggest Johnson and Johnson approve the Covid-19 vaccine. The FDA is expected to follow the recommendation and provide a third vaccine.

Biden pledged to use every conceivable method to expand the third vaccine and said finding another vaccine would help the country make rapid progress and get people shot at their guns.

Previously, local officials at the Harris County Emergency Operations Center had briefed Biden about the devastating effects of the winter storm exacerbated by the economic and health crises caused by the epidemic.

In Harris County alone, officials said 1.5 million residents lost electricity and heat, and 3.5 million were missing. Authorities say more than 10,000 families have been reported of pipe explosions and the county is still working to repair damaged homes. Authorities told Beadon that Harris County Emergency Operations Center provided more than 120 million bottles of water to residents.

Some Texans who did not lose their electricity were hit hard by their electricity bills because scarce electricity is the main reason for rising prices in the state’s market-based system. The state was also criticized for isolating the electricity grid from other parts of the country and being unprepared for the storm that blackened the system.

Homeland Security Advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall, who visited Biden in Houston, said Friday’s visit was not intended to criticize Texas for its unpreparedness or to persuade leaders to create more stable regulations.

Basically, he said, the state of Texas must first decide what type of energy system it wants to maintain, what type of energy market it wants to pursue, and whether financial incentives are structured for the type of investment needed to make Texas resilient.

The governor of Texas joined Biden on Friday. Greg Abbott, a Republican criticized by several Democrats for reacting to the storm.

General Cornen, R-Texas, was attended by Biden at the emergency center, with Al Green and Sheila Jackson Leo representing the Democratic Republic and the Houston region.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sosaki told reporters on his way to Houston that Senator Ted Cruz in South Texas was not invited to join the president on Friday’s visit. Cruz lives in Houston.

Pasaki said there were no invitations or demands for his existence. There are several members from both sides who will attend this visit and join the President.

Cruz was mocked at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida after she and her family went to Cancun, Mexico last week due to the Texan crisis. Cruz responded quickly and returned to the country a few hours after landing in Mexico, apologizing for the trip, calling it a mistake.

Biden, who announced that there was a major disaster in Texas last weekend, stated that he was interested in visiting the state before, but said his presence would not be understood in the recovery effort after waiting.

Pakasi said Beadon called the director of the FEMA last week on a phone call that he would be appropriate to meet with because he likes seeing the details, seeing the events in person and how the public was affected and he wanted to see this talk.

It is important to him that people get direct information about their needs, says Pasaki.

The storm killed at least 40 people in Texas, according to The Associated Press.

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