Big Brother 23: A Breakdown Of Which Players Are On Each Team

Big Brother 23: A Breakdown Of Which Players Are On Each Team

Breaking down which players are in each of the teams on Big Brother 23. Learn more about how these teams could affect the BB23 game in the short term.

Big Brother 23 is just getting started, but we already know which players are on each of the teams that were formed during the 90-minute premiere episode of BB23. As it was explained during a few pre-season interviews, this new cast of houseguests moved into the Big Brother house in groups of four. These groups of four had to immediately face off in a competition, with the winners of each move-in group automatically becoming Team Captains.

Later, all four Team Captains had the chance to watch short clips from the other BB23 players in order to learn more about them. After watching all the videos, the Captains were tasked to pick which Big Brother 23 co-stars they’d like to have on their respective teams. This was a tough call given how little these Team Captains knew about the other people in the house, but they still had to make that decision and pick their teammates.

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Now, the four teams of Big Brother 23 have been officially selected. For better or worse, the players will have to rely pretty heavily on their Team Captains and teammates during the first four weeks of BB23. After all, it’ll be up to a Team Captain to win Head of Household and guarantee safety for his or her entire team. Thus, it’s time to break down which players are on each of these Big Brother 23 teams.

Jokers Team

Team Captain: Brandon French a.k.a. “Frenchie”

First Pick: Azah Awasum

Second Pick: Britini D’Angelo

Third Pick: Derek Frazier

Aces Team

Team Captain: Whitney Williams

First Pick: Brent Champagne

Second Pick: Derek Xiao

Third Pick: Hannah Chaddha

Kings Team

Team Captain: Christian Birkenberger

First Pick: Alyssa Lopez

Second Pick: Xavier Prather

Third Pick: Sarah Steagall

Queens Team

Team Captain: Claire Rehfuss

First Pick: Kyland Young

Second Pick: Tiffany Mitchell

Third Pick: Travis Long

The first group to move into the Big Brother 23 house consisted of Brandon Frenchie, Derek Frazier, Travis Long, and Xavier Prather. Frenchie came out victorious. The second move-in group was Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Whitney Williams. It was Whitney’s turn to take the win. The third move-in group featured Brent Champagne, Christian Birkenberger, Derek Xiao, and Kyland Young. This time, Christian won the comp. The last move-in group was Claire Rehfuss, Hannah Chaddha, Sarah Steagall, and Tiffany Mitchell. Claire took the win.

So, there you have it! Those are the four BB23 teams that will fight to stay alive in the game in the first four weeks of the season. Looking back at other team divisions on Big Brother (e.g. seasons 11, 14, and 18), one can safely forecast that cross-team alliances will be forming in the house regardless of how these formal teams on BB23 were set up. For that reason, the fans need to stay tuned for the potential large alliances and Final 2 deals that certain houseguests will be trying to arrange during these first few days.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS.

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