Big Brother 23: Christian Won Wildcard Comp. Here’s What Happens Next

Big Brother 23: Christian Won Wildcard Comp. Here’s What Happens Next

Christian Birkenberger won the first Wildcard competition of Big Brother 23. Find out how Christian’s win will affect Brandon Frenchie’s HOH reign.

Christian Birkenberger has won the first-ever Wildcard competition on Big Brother 23, which means that he now has immunity for the week. At the premiere, the 16 players were divided into four teams: the Jokers, the Aces, the Kings, and the Queens. All four teams then competed to win the first Head of Household of BB23, and the Jokers came out victorious. As the Team Captain of the Jokers, Brandon Frenchie assumed his position as HOH. Alas, the entire Jokers team was granted immunity for the week.

As it had been previously explained in the press, the three non-immune teams of BB23 had the chance to compete for immunity at the Wildcard competition. However, only one player from each non-immune team would get to compete. Moreover, upon winning, only that single houseguest would receive immunity – not his or her entire team. We now know which were the three players that competed in each of the three teams, as well as which of them won the Wildcard comp.

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The three players that got to compete in the first Wildcard competition of Big Brother 23 were Christian Birkenberger (from the Kings team), Hannah Chaddha (from the Aces team), and Kyland Young (from the Queens team). The BB23 live feeds have now confirmed that Christian won the Wildcard comp, which means that he will now have immunity for the week. This is good news for Christian’s game considering that he was clearly being targeted by HOH Brandon Frenchie to go on the block this week. Now, Frenchie no longer has that option.

It was a pretty safe bet that week 1 Head of Household Brandon Frenchie was intending on nominating “jocks” such as Brent Champagne, Christian Birkenberger, and Travis Long. Now, however, Christian is no longer an option. Additionally, Brent has made significant strides in his connection with Frenchie, which appears to be making him less of a direct target. Out of Frenchie’s initial targets, Travis is the only one that still looks like he is in trouble. Because Travis has been very close to Derek Xiao (and they even brought up the possibility of forming a six-person alliance), it would make sense for Frenchie to nominate Travis and Derek X this week.

It is clear that Frenchie doesn’t want Big Brother 23 to be like BB21 and BB22, both of which were seasons that directly targeted women and people of color during their first few weeks. With that said, Christian is no longer an option for Frenchie this week, and the HOH seems to be warming up to Brent. Travis looks like the clearest target now, and his closeness to Derek X might indicate that they’ll both sit on the block together this week.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

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