Big Brother 23: Evel Dick Bashes Frenchie’s ‘Horrible’ Gameplay

Big Brother 23: Evel Dick Bashes Frenchie’s ‘Horrible’ Gameplay

Big Brother legend Evel Dick bashed Brandon “Frenchie” French’s gameplay. He called it “horrible” and said he needs to stop blaming others.

Dick Donato, better known as Big Brother legend Evel Dick, is bashing season 23 houseguest Brandon “Frenchie” French for his “horrible” gameplay. Dick is well known amongst the Big Brother fandom for his expertise in the game. He first competed on the show during season 8, in which he and his estranged daughter, Danielle Donato, were forced to compete together throughout a “rivals” twist. Dick went on to win the season while also bringing his daughter all the way to the final two with him.

Both Dick and Danielle later returned for season 13. They competed alongside each other yet again for another team’s twist; however, Dick was forced to leave the competition suddenly due to a personal emergency within the first week of the game. Being the master at the game that he is, Dick was not afraid to let Danielle, as well as all of America, know all of the bad game moves she made without him when he returned for the live finale. Needless to say, Dick knows a little something about how to succeed in the Big Brother game.

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Now, Dick is weighing in on one particular houseguest competing on season 23 of the show this summer. On Wednesday, July 21, Dick shared a tweet in which the Twitter user discussed a conversation Frenchie had with himself (and the cameras) seen on the live feeds. In preparation for his possible eviction later this week, Frenchie was heard rambling on about how he deserves to have a second chance at this game. Frenchie continued to claim he would “run this game” had production not cast so many “meatheads” alongside him. When sharing the tweet, Dick added, “Shut the f**k up and stop blaming everyone else for your horrible crackhead style of gameplay…”

Fans on Reddit actually agreed with Dick’s statements regarding Frenchie’s messy gameplay. Many do not understand Frenchie’s reasoning for blaming the “meatheads” of the house for being on the block when it was really his chaotic first Head of Household reign as well as the numerous lies he told that landed him in this position. One user joked, “You know its bad when Evil [sic] Dick is the voice of reason.” Another countered this argument, explaining that while fans often do not completely agree with Dick’s somewhat harsh statements, he is typically quite critical of each player to compete inside the Big Brother house. For this reason, he often has the same opinions as many fans; however, he presents them more cruelly.

No matter what opinions Big Brother fans have towards Evel Dick, they can all agree that his description of Frenchie’s gameplay was nearly spot on. Frenchie has one last chance to save himself from eviction by winning the Power of Veto. If he can not pull off another win, Frenchie will still be sitting on the block come eviction night with a high possibility of being sent home.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 PM ET on CBS.

Source: Evel Dick/Twitter, Reddit

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