Big Brother 23: Fans Accuse Brent Of Touching Hannah Inappropriately

Big Brother 23: Fans Accuse Brent Of Touching Hannah Inappropriately

Certain Big Brother 23 live feed viewers are accusing Brent Champagne of inappropriately touching Hannah Chaddha. Check out videos & the fan reaction.

Big Brother 23 live feed viewers are accusing Brent Champagne of touching Hannah Chaddha inappropriately and making comments that are causing certain women to feel uncomfortable. It’s been a few days since the fans first noticed that some women were reacting to things that Brent had been allegedly saying inside the BB23 house. Alas, the reaction from the fans escalated on Tuesday night as the houseguests threw a toga party.

Brent Champagne introduced himself during his first Big Brother interviews as someone who got a lot of praise for being “charming.” This personality trait was also identified inside the BB23 house by HOH Brandon Frenchie, who initially intended on targeting Brent due to how positively certain women had reacted to Brent (in Frenchie’s opinion) upon meeting him. As the days went by, however, Brent’s so-called “charm” seemed to impact Frenchie as well, as the HOH went from targeting Brent to becoming his biggest ally in a matter of 24 hours.

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What The Fans Are Saying About Brent Touching Hannah

Fans who were watching the Big Brother 23 live feeds on Tuesday, July 13 noticed a particular moment when Brent Champagne appeared to be touching Hannah Chaddha’s lower half while they stood in the kitchen during the house’s toga party. This moment was recorded by a few fans and was then shared on Twitter (videos and reactions included below). The videos show Brent’s hand reaching for Hannah’s lower half, but the camera angle doesn’t make it clear whether his hand was placed on her body or just waved over that region of her body. Still, some BB23 fans are accusing Brent of inappropriately touching (or inappropriately behaving around) Hannah without her consent. As of this writing, the most popular tweet pertaining to this matter is close to reaching 600 likes and 500 retweets. This situation comes after a few days of live feed viewers monitoring Brent’s behavior and comments toward certain women in the house. More on that in the next section.

Brent’s Past Comments To The Women In The House

Brent Champagne spent week 1 removing the target off his back during Brandon Frenchie’s very chaotic reign as Head of Household. However, a few of his comments around the Big Brother 23 house did not sit well with certain women who are also playing the game. On Monday, July 12, Hannah Chaddha told a group of girls that Brent had called her body “fun-sized” while she was changing clothes in another room. Later that day, Claire Rehfuss shared with Tiffany Mitchell that Brent told her about the guys in the house saying that she “actually [had] a good body.” In response, Tiffany sarcastically asked Claire if she thought those guys had voted on this matter. On Tuesday, Claire and Tiffany had a meeting where they agreed to target Brent next if he is an available option.

What Brent’s Fans Are Saying In His Defense

There are a few Big Brother 23 fans who are defending Brent Champagne against these claims pertaining to Hannah Chaddha in the toga party. In the tweet included below, a fan argued that Brent had helped Hannah make her dress on Tuesday. Thus, the fan said that Brent’s was assumedly placed on or around Hannah’s lower half while he explained how they made the attire. With that said, it appears that the clearer consensus among the fans is that Brent still acted in an inappropriate way around Hannah during this scene.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

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