Big Brother 23: Kyland Exposes Slaughterhouse Alliance To Sarah Beth

Big Brother 23: Kyland Exposes Slaughterhouse Alliance To Sarah Beth

Kyland Young exposed the Slaughterhouse alliance to Sarah Beth Steagall. Learn more about this latest development in the Big Brother 23 live feeds.

Kyland Young officially exposed the Slaughterhouse alliance to Sarah Beth Steagall during the late hours of Monday evening in the Big Brother 23 live feeds. In the first few days of BB23, Brandon Frenchie spent a good portion of his Head of Household reign trying to pitch other players on his idea for an alliance. Frenchie walked up to virtually every single houseguest in the house and proposed the exact same idea to each one of them: he wanted to form a larger alliance called the Slaughterhouse and an inner alliance called the Butchers.

As previously noted, Frenchie proposed that same Slaughterhouse/Butches idea to virtually every single player on Big Brother 23, which defeated the purpose of forming an alliance with a few trusted members. Alas, Frenchie said a lot of things during his HOH reign and made a lot of promises, so most people just dismissed the alliance idea as another chaotic move from him. But with Frenchie’s HOH coming to an end, he made sure to bring up and officialize the Slaughterhouse alliance in an attempt to guarantee his safety in week two and beyond. And later, Kyland exposed all of Frenchie’s plans to Sarah Beth.

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Frenchie Officialized The Slaughterhouse Alliance

One big highlight on the Big Brother 23 live feeds this Monday was Brandon Frenchie getting all of the Slaughterhouse alliance members together in his Head of Household room to make their pact official. There was a lot of confusion among the fandom as to which players were actually in the Slaughterhouse given that Frenchie had pitched the idea to so many people. Now, Frenchie has officialized that alliance formation of eight people along his side: Alyssa Lopez, Brent Champagne, Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Whitney Williams, and Xavier Prather. Those eight people met briefly in the HOH room and put their hands together to officialize the Slaughterhouse alliance.

Kyland Exposed The Alliance To Sarah Beth

The Slaughterhouse always felt very shaky to the BB23 live feed viewers, and many wondered how long Frenchie’s alliance would survive inside the house. During the late hours of Monday evening, Kyland Young went to chat with Sarah Beth Steagall in the Have-Nots Bedroom. In a truly unexpected development, Kyland told Sarah every single piece of information pertaining to the Slaughterhouse alliance: how Frenchie formed it, who’s in it, who came into it first, and how the alliance plans on moving forward. For context, Sarah is the only Kings team member who is not in the Slaughterhouse. Her three teammates – Christian, Alyssa, and Xavier – are all part of that alliance. Kyland gave Sarah Beth this information out of trust, but part of his move here comes from the fact that he doesn’t feel entirely safe in the Slaughterhouse. Kyland knows he’s at the bottom of that tentpole and needs to establish stronger allies outside of that eight-person alliance.

Sarah Beth is a quiet player, so it isn’t entirely clear yet what she will do with his very crucial piece of information. She has the Jackpot alliance with Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell, so it’s possible that she might tell them in order to strategize. Otherwise, Sarah could keep that piece of information in her back pocket for the time being. Still, it is shocking – and somewhat hilarious – that the secrecy surrounding the Slaughterhouse alliance didn’t even last a day.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

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