Big Brother 23: Secrets The Houseguests Are Keeping From Each Other

Big Brother 23: Secrets The Houseguests Are Keeping From Each Other

The cast of Big Brother 23 all had some personal facts about themselves they plan on keeping a secret while inside the house this summer.

With a new season of Big Brother comes a summer of intense game play, secrets, betrayal and, of course, lies. Prior to even stepping foot into the house last week, the houseguests were already giving much thought to what facts about themselves they were planning on keeping a secret from their soon-to-be housemates. From occupations to ages, the cast has an array of secrets already this season.

Keeping secrets from fellow houseguests is not something new in the Big Brother game. In fact, this was part of the reason Derrick Levasseur won season 16 of the show. By keeping his real occupation of working in the police force a secret from his fellow competitors, Derrick managed to used the detective skills he learned within his workforce to excel at the Big Brother game. Because of this, Derrick is now perceived as one of the best players in Big Brother history.

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Prior to the 16 brand new houseguests moving into the Big Brother house last week, EW had a few questions for them. All of the contestants were asked about what secrets they will be keeping from their fellow housemates this summer. The answers amongst the cast varied drastically. Whitney Williams was the only one who did not actually have a secret. Instead, she described herself as an “open book.” Kyland Young does not want others to know how confident he truly is in winning the game while Christian Birkenberger wants to keep his “physical threat” potential to himself. Both Tiffany Mitchell and Azah Awasum do not want to reveal their ages inside the house.

Julie Chen welcoming four new houseguests into the house on Big Brother 23.

Xavier Prather has “no desire” of sharing his true occupation of being a lawyer to his fellow houseguests. For gameplay purposes, he has told them he is a bartender. Both Azah and Sarah Steagall want to play low-key inside the house. Sarah said she wants everyone else to think she is only on the show for the fame rather than actually winning. Azah, on the other hand, wants to “appear as naive.” Derek Xiao’s secret also has to do with his personality. Going into the house, he is hopeful that the other competitors see him as the “funny guy” rather than being very strategic. Similarly, Brandon “Frenchie” French wants to be perceived as the “dumb farmer.”

The most unique secrets being kept inside the Big Brother house come from Britini D’Angelo and Derek Fraizer. Britini will not let anyone in the house find out that she is actually a “4th degree black belt and three time world champion of the Chuck Norris System.” Instead, she will strictly only be telling them she is a softball player, tennis player and a dancer. Derek will be keeping it a secret that he is actually the son of the famous boxer “Smokey” Joe Frazer. He does not want to be perceived as having “a lot of money,” therefore not being deserving of the cash prize. Coming from a single-parent household in not the best of neighborhoods, Derek is just as deserving of winning Big Brother this season as any of the rest of the houseguests are.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sunday at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: EW

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