Big Brother 23: Where Brandon ‘Frenchie’ French’s HOH Reign Went Wrong

Big Brother 23: Where Brandon ‘Frenchie’ French’s HOH Reign Went Wrong

Frenchie won the first Head of Household competition last week. Within 24 hours, his reign had already begun to go south. Here’s where he went wrong.

Although it has only been one week since the brand new season of Big Brother started, there has already been a ton of drama inside the house. The 16 brand new houseguests endured not one but two competitions on just the first night of the summer. The competition champ of the night was Brandon “Frenchie” French. While Frenchie won both the title of team captain as well as the first Head of Household, his reign quickly began to go downhill.

As many viewers, and even houseguests, have pointed out, Frenchie played too hard of a game too fast. His entire Head of Household reign was nothing but chaotic. Within the first 24 hours of being inside the house, Frenchie promised more than half of his fellow houseguests safety for the week. He then assured almost all of the female houseguests that he did not plan to nominate a female nor a minority. When it came time for nominations, Frenchie went back on both of these promises by nominating Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young.

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Although it was not Frenchie’s initial intention to nominate Alyssa and Kyland, his original plan blew up in his face. Frenchie wanted to target, what he called, the “meatheads” of the house. Unfortunately for him, he had already promised Brent Champagne and Travis Long safety. His last option was Christian Birkenberger. To his surprise, Christian won the first Wildcard competition, guaranteeing him safety for the week. Frenchie then was quick to make assumptions that Christian and Alyssa were forming a showmance, which is why Alyssa found herself sitting on the block. Not only that, but Frenchie gave an extremely harsh nominations speech, especially considering it was just the first week.

While all of the houseguests have been spending a majority of their time getting to know each other and bonding, Frenchie has nearly isolated himself from them. While he does converse with other houseguests, the conversations have mainly been around gameplay. Live-feed viewers have caught him awake at late hours of the night devising game plans before questioning himself and rethinking them. Earlier this week, Frenchie was caught shading the rest of the houseguests, claiming production made it too easy for him to win the game. He was even behind the forming of the 11 person alliance, “Slaughterhouse.” Although there is typically at least one large alliance every summer, a group of 11 is way too big. That is more than half of the house. Because there are so many people involved, the alliance will only be able to last for a short amount of time before they ultimately have to turn on each other.

While there is no doubt Frenchie is in it to win it, he may not be going about it in the best way. As his Head of Household reign (finally) comes to an end, he better hope that one of his team members can bring home an HOH win to ensure his safety for another week. If not, there is a high possibility that Frenchie may be sitting on the block next week due to his lies and broken promises throughout his first HOH reign.

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Big Brother 23 airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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