Big Brother: Why Alyssa & Christian Not Talking Will Help Their Game

Big Brother: Why Alyssa & Christian Not Talking Will Help Their Game

Although Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez quickly formed a close friendship, it may be better for their individual games if they don’t talk.

Although it has only been one week since Big Brother 23 premiered, a lot has happened inside the house already. Alliances have been formed. Promises have been broken. And some people can no longer spend time together despite living in a confined space. Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez instantly began to form a close relationship; however, it may be best for their individual games if they are no longer friends.

During the live move-in episode last Wednesday, Christian won his first competition upon entering the house which ultimately crowned him team captain. He later came close to winning the first Head of Household competition, but fell just shy of taking the reign. Assisting him in the competition were the team members he had chosen earlier in the night. His team consists of Xavier Prathall and Sarah Steagall as well as Alyssa.

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Aside from the fact that Christian chose Alyssa to be on his team, the two became quite close within the first few days of being inside the house. Unfortunately, their friendship quickly began to hurt their game. In the beginning of Brandon “Frenchie” French’s chaotic Head of Household reign, he initially wanted to target Christian because he considered Christian to be a “meathead.” Unfortunately for Frenchie (and luckily for Christian), Christian took home the win in the Wildcard competition, guaranteeing his safety. Because of this, Frenchie quickly turned his target to Alyssa due to her close bond with Christian. Ultimately, Alyssa found herself sitting on the block within the first week because she was friends with Christian.

Now, if Alyssa does not get evicted on Thursday night, she and Christian will have to rethink their friendship. It will ultimately be better for both of their individual games if they stayed clear from each other. While this will in fact be difficult, as they are on the same team, many of the other houseguests may get the impression the two are forming a showmance if they are constantly seen spending time together. They are better off solely speaking during team meetings and group interactions. In their free time, both Christian and Alyssa should focus on their social games by growing relationships with other houseguests. According to the Twitter account @BB_Updates, Alyssa already made this clear to Christian. While he thought they could go back to hanging out after she potentially survives eviction night this week, Alyssa clarified that they must wait and see how the next HOH competition plays out.

Should Christian and Alyssa choose to work together aside from their team, they should have a main focus of keeping their alliance extremely private and low-key. Frenchie has already mentioned that he will be tearing apart showmances should he get the opportunity, which he already made clear within the first week. Ultimately, this all depends on how the rest of the week plays out. There is still a chance Alyssa will not even make it to a second week inside the house.

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Big Brother 23 airs Wednesday at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: BB_Updates/Twitter

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