Big Brother: Winner Derrick Levasseur Shares Message On Premiere Day

Big Brother: Winner Derrick Levasseur Shares Message On Premiere Day

Season 16 winner Derrick shared a heartfelt message on Instagram in honor of the Big Brother 23 premiere. Derrick plans to tune in all summer long.

Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur shared a message to his social media followers in honor of the Big Brother 23 premiere tonight. He posted a shot taken from one of his Diary Room chats during his season in 2014. He, like many longtime viewers, is excited to meet the new cast during the live move-in episode. Many of Derrick’s fellow Big Brother alum were found in the comments section of the post, while others shared messages of their own to their respective social media accounts.

Although Derrick is seen as one of the best players in Big Brother history, some fans believe his gameplay was underrated. When Derrick first walked into the BB house, he decided to keep his real profession a secret from his fellow houseguests in order to use his detective skills to his advantage. In doing so, Derrick had one of the most successful gameplays while also not being a competition beast like other great players.

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Just because his time on the show came to an end nearly seven years ago, Derrick still loves the game as much as he did back then. In honor of the premiere of the new season, Derrick shared a heartfelt Big Brother message to his Instagram page. Along with a shot of himself taken inside the Diary Room, Derrick wished fans a “Happy BB premiere day.” He joked that the message was coming from “Undercover Derrick.” The former winner continued on to admit that his love for the game has never changed. The caption read, “Still love this game as much as I did back when I got the opportunity to play and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top this year.” Derrick concluded by wishing luck to the new houseguests.

Many of Derrick’s fellow Big Brother alum were found in the comments section of the post. Jordan Lloyd, who is not only a former winner but also one-half of one of the most famous showmances on show, praised Derrick for his gameplay, calling him one of “the best players of all time.” The brother of his Hitmen alliance partner, Paulie Calafiore, called Derrick a “legend.” BB16’s Zach Rance and BB20’s Kaitlyn Herman were found in the comments section as well offering their support for Derrick.

Derrick was not the only former Big Brother player to reflect on their time inside the house in honor of the premiere. Kaitlyn Herman, Tyler Crispen, Cody Calafiore, Holly Allen, and Jessica Graf were just a few of the many that shared throwback photos, memories, and well-wishes to the new cast. Most of them even admitted that they will be tuning in this season. After a summer of All-Stars last year, the cast this season consists of 16 brand new houseguests. But that doesn’t mean there is no possibility of a former player making a cameo appearance this summer. As longtime viewers know, always “Expect the Unexpected.

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