Bitcoin dives and rallies on Elon Musk Twitter talk

Bitcoin dives and rallies on Elon Musk Twitter talk

By its own roller coaster standard, Bitcoin is off today.

Cryptocurrency has fallen 9% since the beginning of February, with a Twitter conversation saying Tesla is digging into its ideas.

Last week founder Elon Musk said automakers would not accept money in Bitcoin. A simple tweet printed from him is even more annoying today.

A tweet was sent to Tesla’s CEO: Bitcoins will slap each other in the next quarter when they learn that Tesla has carved out the rest of its bitcoin holdings. [Elon Musk] I don’t blame him for the hatred. Kasturi replied: Really.

He later clarified that Tesla did not sell bitcoin.

It rose 5% to about 44,201, although Kasturi did not expect a Tesla landing in the future.

The financial system is still intimidated by Bitcoin, sometimes deciding that it is legal, sometimes bubbling and even scandalous.

Neil Wilson from says: I can’t say anything new about Bitcoin: volatile, easy to guess, easy to trade; A bubble.

Chris Weston of Pepperstone Brokerage says 1.5 billion bitcoins have been removed in the last 24 hours.

He said: Why do you want to buy Bitcoin now and see some consolidation in prices until sales stop?

Other cryptocurrencies join charities. Etherium was down 9%, with dozens of coins up more than 5%.

Due to the perfect amount of power computer servers, Kasturi has been warning about the environmental impact of bitcoin of late.

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