Black Widow’s New Comic Costume Takes Her Seriously as a Spy

Black Widow’s New Comic Costume Takes Her Seriously as a Spy

It’s not every day that a spy gets a costume fitting their occupation, but in Demon Days: Mariko, Black Widow gets one that takes her job seriously.

Warning: Spoilers for Demon Days: Mariko #1 ahead!

Heroes and comic book characters don’t always get costumes fitting for their day-to-day, but in Marvel’s Demon Days: Mariko #1Black Widow gets an outfit especially apt for her profession. As a spy undercover, it’s not just enough to have weapons stowed away nearby: they’ve got to have them concealed on their person as well, and Peach Momoko acknowledges this by equipping her world’s Black Widow with a hidden layer of clothes and weapons alike.

The Demon Days saga has been a wild ride. Peach Momoko’s way of blending Marvel mythos with the Japanese folklore she grew up on has manifested into a story incredibly unique and visually stunning. One of the most exciting aspects of her series is the way she reimagines versions of popular Marvel mainstream characters. How their stories change, as well as their appearances, is all part of the saga’s enticing nature. That, and the fact that the artwork resembles beautiful watercolor paintings worthy to hang on a wall. Now, that artistic flair has been paired with her creative character building to bring readers Ms. Kuroki, a.k.a. the Momoko-verse’s Natasha Romanoff.

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In the MCU, and even in the comics, there has been debate about the hyper-sexualized nature of Black Widow’s costumes, but in the second installment of the Demon Days saga, she and her profession are being taken seriously. In this iteration, she has been working undercover for years as a maid for Mariko and her grandmother. She’s been hired by the evil Oni, Ogin, in order to keep an eye on Mariko until her memories recover and then take her to Ogin to die. So, even in a Japanese village, worlds away from the mainstream comics, Black Widow is a spy who has to choose between doing what she’s hired for and doing what is right. She ends up choosing to protect Mariko and reveals her true nature to the family by disregarding her maid clothing and revealing the spy underneath.

The outfit she wears under her maid uniform is serious and quite different than what fans would see Black Widow wearing in the mainstream Marvel Universe. It’s tight enough to be concealed under her everyday clothes without being noticed but practical enough to be combat-ready. The black suit is equipped with embedded throwing blades, gives her plenty of mobility to fight at a moment’s notice, and still does justice to the Japanese style artwork and clothing that makes up this story. Her costume is imbued with actual spycraft which allows her to stay both undercover and combat-ready.

It’s always exciting to see popular characters in a new light, especially when it comes to their wardrobe, and this instance is no different. Peach Momoko has taken a powerhouse character and given her a costume appropriate for both the themes and style of Demon Days, as well as her job as a spy for hire. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ton of time to see her new attire in action because she gets captured and teleported away by this universe’s Nightcrawler, but hopefully, Black Widow will be able to get herself free and give fans the opportunity to see more of her in the coming issues.

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