Blade ’98 Star Thinks Mahershala Ali Will Be Great in the MCU Reboot

Blade ’98 Star Thinks Mahershala Ali Will Be Great in the MCU Reboot

Despite thinking MCU’s Blade Widow looks like “garbage,” Blade star Stephen Dorff thinks Mahershala Ali will be incredible in the titular role.

One of the stars of the original Blade thinks that Mahershala Ali will be great as the character. After the critical flop of Howard the Duck, the low-budget Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren, and the never intended to be released Roger Corman The Fantastic Four, Blade was the first successful attempt at adapting a Marvel character to the big screen. The film earned $131.2 million dollars at the worldwide box office and helped pave the way for future Marvel adaptations like X-Men, Spider-Man, and eventually the MCU’s Iron Man.

Director Stephen Norrington and writer David S. Goyer reworked Blade’s origin and appearance from the comics, and the comics would later work those changes into the comic to make the character closer to the more popular film version. Blade spawned two sequels, 2002’s Blade 2 and 2004’s Blade Trinity as well as a short-lived television series on Spike. The character’s rights reverted back to Marvel in 2012 and at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Kevin Feige announced that Marvel Studios had hired two-time Academy Award-winner Ali to star as Blade in an upcoming film in the MCU.

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During an interview with Zavvi actor Stephen Dorff, who played the main villain Deacon Frost in Blade, thinks that Ali is a good fit for the role of Blade. Dorff spoke about that for Blade to succeed they will need a strong creative vision, similar to the 1998 film he starred in. He doesn’t have any indication of what Marvel Studios has planned for the character, but thinks Ali is a great actor. Dorff said:

“Mahershala will be incredible doing that, but you need strong writing and direction to help elevate that character, and I don’t know what Marvel’s vision is for Blade. I just know that Mahershala is a hell of an actor, and that he’ll be great in the role.”

Dorff isn’t the first actor from the original Blade films to show support for Ali taking on the role. Shortly after Marvel Studios made the announcement, Wesley Snipes expressed his excitement over the casting and welcomed Ali to the Daywalker club. The praise for Ali and the upcoming Blade film also comes just days after Dorff made headlines trashing Black Widow before its release, saying he feels sorry for star Scarlett Johansson and that “it looks like garbage.

Little is known about what Marvel Studios has planned for Blade. Currently, Stacy-Osei-Kuffour is set to pen the script for Blade and the studio is currently meeting with potential directors for production to start around July 2022. While the 1998 Blade may have started the current age of Marvel film adaptation, the character has never been one of Marvel’s marquee titles so the announcement of a film with an actor like Ali raises a lot of questions about where Marvel Studios sees the character going in the MCU and his place in it. However, with the latest mention of vampires in the MCU being dropped during an episode of Loki, it appears that Marvel Studios has big plans for Blade.

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Source: Zavvi

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