Blinken in Europe to Boost Alliances

Blinken in Europe to Boost Alliances

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on Tuesday that he would make a firm commitment to the Biden administration’s alliance, saying he would seek to “first and foremost” restructure the partnership with the NATO alliance.

Blinken spoke to reporters in Brussels with Secretary-General Jens Stomberberg, and the two met just days before the start of the NATO cabinet meeting.

Stoltenberg said he has a unique opportunity to start a new chapter in transatlantic relations and welcomed the new approach by the US administration.

One of the main topics discussed at the two-day conference in Brussels was the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Because the May deadline is leading to the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan under a peace deal signed last year between the Taliban and the former US administration. President Donald Trump.

Blinken said the situation is currently under consideration and that some of his work in Brussels will consult with NATO allies to hear and share US ideas. He said that regardless of what the United States has decided, its actions will be in consultation with other member states that are part of its member military mission.

According to Blinken, we participated together and were integrated together.

Stoltenberg emphasized and welcomed peace efforts as “the only way to a lasting political solution in Afghanistan.” But NATO leaders need to negotiate in good faith with all parties to achieve peace, reduce violence and stop supporting international terrorists such as al-Qaeda.

Blinken’s schedule includes attending a NATO cabinet conference on Tuesday, as well as separate sessions with allies from the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Blinken arrived in Europe on Monday after the United States imposed sanctions on both China and Myanmar in conjunction with the European Union. Last month, top officials involved in the military coup targeted Myanmar’s sanctions, while Chinese sanctions targeted multiple Chinese officials accused of human rights abuses against the Muslim Uighur minority in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

In coordination with Canada and the United Kingdom, the US Brinkinside is expressing solidarity with its US allies over China’s sanctions.

The organized transatlantic response will send a strong signal to those who have violated or abused international human rights, and we will work with like-minded partners to take more effective action, “Blinken said in a statement Monday.

Blinken’s talks in Brussels also include a meeting between European Commission President Ursula von der Raine and EU foreign policy director Josep Borel. The State Department said the items on the agenda included addressing the coronavirus epidemic and addressing “global challenges from Iran, Russia and China.”

On Iran, the US supreme diplomat discussed with European Union colleagues the prospect of a return to an agreement signed in 2015 to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for easing the mutual repatriation of the United States and Iran.

The United States, which abandoned the deal under Trump in 2001, and Iran, which responded to the pledge with one step, have again expressed interest in abiding by the agreement, but everyone needs to start somewhere else. Showing.

The final part of Blinken’s strip agenda is a bilateral meeting between Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes.

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