Boris Becker found guilty of four charges under Insolvency Act

Boris Baker was convicted of four counts by a Southwark Crown Court jury; He was acquitted of 20 other charges related to his 2017 bankruptcy; The six-time Grand Slam champion will return on April 29 for punishment

Boris Baker was convicted in Southwark Crown Court of four counts under the Insolvency Act and acquitted of 20 other counts related to his 2017 bankruptcy.

Baker, who had the support of his partner Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro throughout the trial, was convicted of two counts of theft of property, failure to disclose assets and concealment of debt.

Judge Deborah Taylor released Baker on conditional bail before sentencing April 29, when he could face up to seven years in prison on each count.

Baker filed for bankruptcy on June 21, 2017 in Mallorca, Spain, for more than £ 3 million in unpaid debt on his property. He was accused of hiding assets worth millions of pounds, including two Wimbledon trophies, to avoid paying off his debts.

The German national, who has been living in the UK since 2012, claimed he had cooperated with the accused trustees to secure his property, including his wedding ring proposal, and followed expert advice.

The three-time Wimbledon champion has told a jury that his 50 50 million (approximately মিল 38 million) career earnings have been swallowed up by an expensive divorce from his first wife, Barbara Baker, child support and a “commitment to style” expensive lifestyle.

Baker said he was “shocked” and “embarrassed” when he was declared bankrupt.

The court was told that Baker received € 1.13 million (approximately £ 950,000) from the sale of a Mercedes car he owned in Germany, which was kept in a business account used as his “piggy bank” for personal expenses.

He was convicted of transferring millions of pounds to other accounts, including his ex-wife Barbara and his ex-wife Shirley ‘Lily’ Baker, the mother of his fourth child.

He was also convicted of failing to declare a property in Germany and concealing a ঋ 825,000 (approximately £ 700,000) bank loan and shares in a technology company.

Among the 20 charges he was acquitted of were nine charges of failure to award trophies and medals from his tennis career.

Failed to declare Baker a second German property, as well as his interest in a 2.5 2.5 million Chelsea flat occupied by his daughter Anna Ermakova.

Providing evidence, Baker said he earned a “huge amount” in his career, a family home in Munich, a property in Miami and paid cash for Mallorcar estate, valued at about 50 million euros at the height of the real estate market. .

But Baker, who went on to train world number one Novak Djokovic as a commentator and Pumar’s favorite brand ambassador, said his income “dropped dramatically” after he retired in 1999.

He said he was involved in a “costly divorce” with Barbara Baker in 2001, which involved providing high child support for their two children and supporting Mrs. Ermakova and her mother.

Baker, who lived in Monte Carlo and Switzerland before moving to the UK, said he had “expensive lifestyle commitments”, including a বাড়ি 22,000-a-month rented house in Wimbledon, south-west London.

He also owes the Swiss authorities 5 million francs (about 4 million pounds) and, in particular, 1 million euros (over £ 800,000) to convict him of tax evasion and attempted evasion. Prosecutor in Germany in 2002.

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