Boulder shooting: 10 killed, including police officer, at Colorado supermarket: Suspect arrested

Boulder shooting: 10 killed, including police officer, at Colorado supermarket: Suspect arrested

Ten people, including a police officer, were shot dead at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday. This is the second mass shooting in the United States in a week.

Officials told a news conference late Monday night that the perpetrators had been injured and were being treated at a hospital. Authorities did not disclose his name or details of the shooting, citing an ongoing investigation.

“It’s a tragedy and a nightmare for Boulder County,” said Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dogerti. “These are the people who were shopping and spending the day. I promise the victims and the people of Colorado that we will ensure justice.

Eight people were killed by shooters in three heated fountains in Atlanta and surrounding counties, including six people of Asian descent, eight people died.

This we now know:

Where did the shooting take place?

The incident took place around 2.30 pm. About 25 miles northwest of Denver, at King Sopers in the home boulder at the University of Colorado.

University of Colorado head basketball coach Tad Boyle said he was touched by the tragedy in the team’s second-round NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament match against Florida on Monday.

Put the basketball in the right place, ”Boyle said.“ I’m hungry to win or lose tonight. As a nation we have gained experience many times over.

The supermarket giant Kroger’s Denver-based subsidiary, King Supers, operates more than 150 stores in Colorado and Wyoming. Based on Krager Cincinnati.

“I am horrified and deeply saddened by the senseless violence that took place at the King’s Supers Store,” Kroger said in a statement on Monday. The organization provided prayers and support for all those affected.

Cruiser told shopkeepers to leave guns at home in 2019 after mass beatings elsewhere. The policy was changed the day after grocery rival Wal-Mart made a similar change.

Who was affected?

Boulder Police Officer-in-Charge Maris Harold said the slain police officer was identified as Eric Telly, 51, who had been with Boulder police since 2010. He said he went to the store after firing and calling someone with a rifle.

He was one of the best officers of the Boulder Police in all accounts and his life was also very short, Doherty said of Tally.

Dozens of police and emergency vehicles turned on the flashing lights and took an ambulance with police officers from the scene of the shooting just after dawn. Some residents were standing along the path and their weapons were raised in honor.

At the end of Monday, police still notified the family, so the identities of the other nine victims were not disclosed.

What was the motive behind the deadly attack?

Police could not immediately provide information about the possible motive for the riot and the shooter could not identify any of his victims or whether he had anything to do with the store.

It is also not clear if the attack began in the store or parking lot, where eyewitnesses said they were looking at the victims.

James Benz, who was shopping at the market, told The Denver Post that he and others rushed to the door when the gun sounded. “I was in front of the stampede,” he said.

Video footage showed several market windows blown off. Colorado’s KMGH TV reported that when police arrived at the store, they also fired shots.

SWAT team and armored police vehicles arrived. Police have released a live streaming video of police outside the market asking shooters to release a megaphone. “You need to surrender. Raise your hand and come out unarmed.”

Who was the archer?

The identity of the suspect was not immediately disclosed but officials said he was the only non-fatally injured person in the story.

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